CBS Releases 'Complications' Trailer

By Kristine
December 30, 2003 - 5:04 AM

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Last night, CBS ran the promo for next Monday's brand new episode of CSI: Miami, entitled "Complications."

In the episode, the body of Dr. Carlos Alvero, an anathesiologist, is found hanging in his Miami condo. Horatio quickly realizes he has a murder, not a suicide, on his hands.

The 30-second trailer is available for download online from the official CBS web site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:

[A teenaged boy looks through a telescope during the daytime]
[View through the telescope lense as the teenager scans the windows of a condominium building]
[Telescope comes to rest on a window with a woman removing her shirt]
[Close up of the teenager talking into his cell phone]
Teenager: "You know what, I found something better to do. I'll call you back later."
[Focus on woman pulling her skirt off so that she's now wearing only a bra and panties]
[The woman approaches a bed where a man sits looking up at her]
[Telescope moves off, to focus on another window, where a pair of legs, clad in black pants, are visible, hanging in midair]
[Hanged man is released from noose by a man in a white lab coat]
[Dead man's body falls]
[Focus on white rope around he man's neck]
Alexx: "Somebody put Doctor Alvero on display."
[Door shutting on man standing in the center of a room]
Horatio: "And that somebody got our attention."
[Close up on Horatio in sunglasses, looking up]
[Close up on man's shoe]
[Close up on murdered man being strangled]
Alexx: "Strangled, then dangled."
[Murder victim being thrown over railing, the noose around his neck]
[Close up on young African American man]
[Close up on EKG readings, showing activity]
[Closeup on young blonde woman]
[EKG readings appear again]
[Close up on young man with a short hair cut]
[Cut to EKG readings]
Male Doctor's Voice: "I'd rather not speak ill of the dead."
[Close up on young woman, a nurse, with dark hair]
[Flash to the EKG again]
Horatio (voiceover): "Then why not speak on behalf of your clinic?"
[Close up on man with longish brown hair]
[Flash to EKG readings again]
[Close up on young man of Middle eastern decent]
Nurse (voiceover): "There could be as many as eight hands on a body at one time."
[Closeup on a doctor sticking a needle into a patient's exposed skin]
[Flash to the EKG again, which suddenly flatlines]

To download the trailer in streaming Real Media format, head over to the CBS web site.

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