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'NY' Loses A CSI In 'Grand Murder At Central Station'

By Carolina
September 30, 2005 - 6:12 PM

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CBS yesterday revealed the official promo video of the new episode of CSI: New York "Grand Murder At Central Station."

In this episode, Mac and Hawkes investigate the death of a renowned plastic surgeon killed by lye splashed on his face and hands in the middle of Grand Central Station during rush hour. While investigating, Mac and Hawkes discover that suspects abound since the doctor had pending lawsuits with patients who sued him for millions. Meanwhile, Stella and Danny delve into the world of cuddle parties while tracking the killer of a blind woman found on a Manhattan rooftop. Stella enlists the help of a sculptor to aid her with a facial reconstruction project that will help nab the suspect. Also, Aiden grows frustrated when she's unable to find evidence to finally send a repeat rapist to jail. And, the CSIs lose a member of the team.

The trailer is currently available for download at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.


CSI: New York  Grand Murder At Central Station [A group of people rush about their daily routines. Typical New York, everyone has somewhere to go.]
[Camera pulls back to revealed they're at Central Station.]
[Suddenly, a man screams. His skin is full of scabs.]
[He falls to the floor, still screaming.]
[People look at him in horror and scream.]
[A little girl stands in the middle of the crowd, looking around, obviously lost.]
Girl: "Mommy!"
[The girl's mom looks around for her daughter, screaming her name.]
Woman: "Emily!"
[But everyone ignores her. A man pushes her aside as she looks for her daughter.]


[The New York skyscrapers.']
[Text-over: 'Grand Murder At Central Station.']
[Dr. Sheldon Hawkes is in side an ambulance, giving CPR to a man.]
Hawkes: "Don't do this to me."
[Though he continues the chest compressions, the victim is non-responsive.]
Hawkes: "Come on, man!"
[Camera flashes through the streets of New York.]
[Flashback: Close up of mother and daughter holding hands before they get separated.]
[Mac arrives at Central Station.]
Mac: "A crime in a crowd and not one witness."
[A man lays on the floor, dead. It's the same man who was screaming earlier.]


CSI: New York  Grand Murder At Central Station [The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'Hot Cuddle Parties.']
[A large group of people lay around in huge beds, cuddling.]
[A man kisses a woman's neck.]
[Stella and Danny arrive, but the man at the door won't let them in.]
Man: "You can't join the party."
[Stella flashes her badge.]
Stella: "I'm not here to cuddle, I'm here about a murder."
[Flashback: A woman is being attacked.]
[Flashback: She screams and tries to free herself off her assailant, but can't.]
[Camera zooms in on her eyes as she lays on the autopsy table.]
Coroner: "She's blind."
[Danny's confused.]
Danny: "Who strangles a blind girl?"


[Mac is in his office, examining something he holds in his hand.]
[Danny and Stella are walking away when they stop and turn around.]
[Mac is at the lab, examining evidence.]
[Later, he addresses someone.]
Mac: "I can't have you working in this lab."


CSI: New York  Grand Murder At Central Station [The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'One Of Their Own.']
[Hawkes looks up and smiles.]
[Close-up of Aiden.]
[Danny looks to his side.]
[Stella glances up at someone, she looks shocked.]
[Close-up of Mac.]
Mac: "You're fired."


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: New York. New Episode Wednesday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new New York episode, head over to the official New York site.

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