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CBS Releases 'Turning Of The Screws' Promo

By Kristine
April 30, 2004 - 5:21 PM

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Last night, CBS released the trailer for next week's new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode, "Turning of the Screws."

The CSIs are called to investigate when a rollercoaster derails and kills six people. They discover it was sabotage, not an accident, that lead to the coaster's fatal plunge.

The 30-second promo is available for download from the official CBS web site. For those of you with limited bandwidth, here is a transcript of the trailer:

[Close up on rollercoaster tracks from the point of view of riders as the coaster whizzes up and down the tracks]
[The shot moves up the tracks as the coaster does]
[Close up on Dr. Robbins]
Robbins: "I've never understood why people like rollercoasters."
[Rollercoaster car comes to a precipice as riders scream in delight]
Grissom (off camera): "Transient high blood pressure, increased pulse rate..."
[Shot of the tracks]
[People on the coaster scream--a little boy in a gray shirt sits in front, while a woman and her daughter sit in back]
[Close up of Grissom in a lab coat]
Grissom: "'s fun."
[The rollercoaster cars spin off the tracks; a person is thrown from the cars as they fall]
[CSIs arrive at the scene to examine the wreckage]
Man's voice (off camera): "The newspaper called it a deathtrap!"
[Shot of the ferris wheel]
[A young man in a Greek constume gets people ready at the beginning of the rollercoaster ride]
Young Man: "Buckle up! Get ready to scream!"
[Close up on young boy on the rollercoaster as he screams]
[Another shot of the coaster's tracks from the riders' perspectives]
[Close up on young boy as he turns to talk to the people in back of him on the ride]
Boy (with glee): "We're all gonna die!"
[Close up on Grissom]
Grissom: "Dead men don't ride rollercoasters."
[Rollercoaster cars plunge off the tracks and one car falls onto a parked red car]

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