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‘Raising Shane’ Promo Available Online

By Deborah
November 29, 2006 - 5:02 AM

CBS has released the promo for the new CSI:New York episode “Raising Shane.”

In this episode, a bartender is shot in cold blood and the CSIs are shocked when the prime suspect is Sheldon Hawkes.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those with slower internet connections, a full transcript of the promo video follows:

[Group shot of Danny, Lindsey, Stella, Mac and Hawkes walking.]

[Voice over: “This CSI team follows the …”

[Mac shines a flashlight; text reads “evidence”.]

[Voice over (cont.): “evidence to find …”]

[Close-up on Lindsey.]

[Gloved hand uses tweezers to remove evidence from spider-webbed glass; text over reads “truth”.]

[Voice over (cont.): “the truth.”]

[A black man is seen from behind; followed by a blur.]

[Voice over: “But what happens …”]

[Close-up on a gun.]

[A blonde woman; a gun fires.]

[Voice over (cont.): “when the evidence …”]

[A man in a green sweatshirt covers his face with his arms.]

[Another man is seen from behind, shouts, “But your hands over your head.”]

[Close-up on Stella’s worried face.]

[Voice over (cont.): “points to one of their own?”]

[Close-up on Mac’s worried face.]

[Sound over: the sound of a gun shot.]

[Close-up on Hawkes, wearing a green sweatshirt.]

[Voice over: “That’s him!”]

[Mac and Hawkes stand in an interrogation room.]

[Mac: “What the hell’s going on?”]

[Hawkes: “I swear to God, Mac, I don’t know.”]

[Stella, Lindsey, Flack and Danny are at the crime scene.]

[Lindsey: “They found a wad of cash in his pocket.”]

[Medium on Stella and Mac.]

[Stella: “What the hell was he doing on Green Street?”]

[Hawkes jogging at night.]

[Close-up on Hawkes.]

[Hawkes: “I went for a run. Next thing I know, I’m staring down …”]

[Hawkes being arrested.]

[Hawkes (cont.): “the barrel of two guns.”]

[Close-up on Mac.]

[Mac: “The bouncer ID’d you.”]

[Medium on an unknown black man.]

[Close-up on Danny.]

[Danny: “You couldn’t have seen him. It happened way too fast.”]

[Hooded figure with gun drawn.]

[The unknown black man argues back with Danny: “You weren’t there. I was.”]

[Mac and Hawkes in the interrogation room; heated; yelling simultaneously.]

[Mac: “What happened while you were running?”]

[Hawkes: “I didn’t do it!”]

[Close-up on Hawkes, seen through bars.]

[Hawkes: “I’m losing my mind.”]

[Exterior shot of big city buildings.]

[Simultaneous voice and text over: “CSI:NY Wednesday 10/9c.”]

To view the trailer of this new CSI:New York episode, head over to the official CSI:New York website.

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