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First 'Prey' Footage Released

By Carolina
September 29, 2005 - 9:53 PM

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Earlier this week, CBS revealed the official promo of the new episode of CSI: Miami.

In "Prey," the CSI's must investigate the dark side of Miami's nightclub scene when a teenage tourist goes missing. Sara Jennings was on her way to the Bahamas via Miami for a class trip when a wild night of partying, drinking and sex got out of control. Now, the CSI's must discover who she was with and what happened that night in order to find her. Meanwhile, Horatio's past in New York City resurfaces when an old unsolved case lands on his desk.

The trailer is currently available for download at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.


[Shot of a party. Lots of young people dance wildly to the music.]
[A blonde girl dances while a girl next to her drinks a shot of alcohol.]
[Two blonde girls are dancing, one is licking the other’s neck.]
[Text-over: 'Girls Go Wild.']
[A blonde does body shots as the rest of the partygoers cheer.]
[She screams jovially, obviously drunk.]


[She is now beyond drunk, obviously disoriented, but still dancing.]
CSI: Miami -- Prey [A brunette girl holds up a picture of her missing friend to people as they walk by.]
Girl: "Have you seen my friend?"
[The brunette continues to pass flyers around.]
[She rushes through the beach, calling for her friend.]
Girl: "Sarah!"
[She looks around, but she's all alone.]


[The sun sets over the horizon.]
[Text-over: 'Gone For Good.']
[The next day, Horatio arrives at the crime scene.]
[He meets with Frank Tripp.]
Tripp: "A kid from Georgia. Just turned 18."
[Horatio and Delko look on as cadaver dogs are sent out to search for Sarah.]
Tripp: "Looks like things took a wrong turn here."
[Flashback: Sarah is inside a car, looking at herself in the mirror as she re-applies her lipstick.]
[Flashback: Shot of the mirror, we can see Sarah's lips.]
[In the present, Ryan reaches a conclusion.]
Ryan: "Somebody was watching her."
[Flashback: Close up of the rear-view mirror, we can see a tiny camera inside.]
CSI: Miami -- Prey [Flashback: Sara continues to put on her make-up, unaware.]
Horatio: "A young lady might be out there struggling for life."
[Horatio meets and questions Sarah's friend.]
[At the docks, two men stand next to a boat, another man approaches them.]
[Flashback: Sarah is back in the car, this time being yanked out of it.]
[As someone tries to drag her away, she keels over and throws up.]
[Horatio interrogates a suspect.]
Horatio: "Every second counts."
[Flashback: Back in the car. Sarah is with a man when someone disturbs their encounter.]
[In the present, Sarah's father tries to attack a suspect as Horatio holds him back.]
Sarah's Father: "Where's my daughter?"
[Behind Horatio, Tripp stands next to the suspect.]
[Sarah's father calms down, but that doesn't stop him from making threats.]
Sarah's Father: "I'll kill you myself, do you understand?"
[Ryan and Calleigh are back in the lab, looking at the footage from the camera planted in the mirror.]
CSI: Miami -- Prey [Flashback of a girl dancing.]
[Close-up of black spatter, not blood.]
[Calleigh looks up, stunned.]
[She talks to someone over the phone.]
Calleigh: "I may have something."
[Close-up of a rack of test tubes.]
[At a parking lot, Delko and Calleigh look for evidence.]
[Alexx is at the lab, looking down.]
Alexx: "I'm almost afraid to find out what it is."
[Flashback: Sara is making out with someone in the back seat of a car.]
[Close-up of a man as he's hit in the nose.]
[Flashback: Sara is kissing them again when something startles them. She gasps.]


[The Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New Episode - Monday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new Miami episode, head over to the official Miami site.

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