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By Carolina
September 29, 2005 - 8:54 PM

  • Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight. Again, check your local listings for more information.

  • Via Elyse, CBS yesterday profiled the new season of CSI: New York with the news that the cast and crew will be traveling more to the city this season to shoot on location. "It's exciting for everybody," said Hill Harper (Dr. Sheldon Hawkes). "When we're shooting on the street, there are real people walking around, there's real energy, so it helps, it helps with the atmosphere of the show."

  • Alan Rosenberg, husband of Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), has been elected president of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). The actor will replace Melissa Gilbert, who stepped down as president this summer because of all the fighting within the organization. "Actors have real value," Rosenberg said after his victory. "We are the product in this town and we have to stand up and start behaving like it."

  • The Lt. Dan Band will be performing on September 30th at the Maxwell Airforce Base in Alabama. The band features Gary Sinise in the bass, and they're known for traveling across the country, and overseas, to entertain troops that are stationed around the world. Visit the band's official website for more information.

  • Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera) will this year host the 6th annual Dream Halloween benefit at the Windy City Fieldhouse October 22nd. The event was organized to benefic the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. For more information on this and the event, visit the CAAF official website.

  • Kanakaredes has also gotten involved with the organization Together For Dinner, a charity created to promote family togetherness. The actress has designed a dinner plate that will be auctioned next months, and proceeds will go to America's Second Harvest and their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Thanks to Divine Providence for the info.

  • If you're a fan of Eddie Cahill (Det. Don Flack) you can now purchase the DVD of the movie Lords of Dogtown, in which Cahill starred. The skateboarding movie follows the lives of Stacy, Jay, and Tony, three skateboarders who changed the sport back in the 70s.

  • The Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) website Emily Procter Online has added a few scans of Procter's photo shoot from In Touch magazine. In the article, Procter talks about her favorite home design tricks and shows off her house and gigantic cat Kevin.

  • Pictures of David Caruso (Horatio Caine) during one of his walkabouts through Beverly Hills can now be found at David Caruso Online.

  • Screen caps of the cast of CSI doing a promotional ad for the Red Cross to help Katrina victims have been added to JFO, a website dedicated to Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle). They also have Sara-centered screen caps of the season premiere "Bodies In Motion."

  • And if you'd like to see screen caps of the same episode but focused on the whole cast, pay a visit to Erica’s CSI Caps.

  • Even more screen caps, but this time of CSI: Miami. Visit Miami Style to view images of the episodes "From The Grave" and "Blood In The Water."

  • George Eads (Nick Stokes), Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown), and Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders) attended the 2005 Taurus World Stunt Awards last Saturday, September 25th. During the ceremony, Quentin Tarantino was honored with the Action Director of the Year Award for his Kill Bill series. The Taurus awards are given to outstanding stunt men and women in Hollywood.

  • Soul singer Steve Spacek will soon release his first solo album Space Shift, and Gary Dourdan has collaborated to it with vocals, stand-up bass, and drum percussion. The music was described as, "robotic, futuristic, hip-hop based soul." "Simply, there was no concept. I just ended up in LA soakin’ up the vibes and what a good experience!" said Spacek. "It had been so long since I'd done something purely for myself without having to consult with others that I'd forgotten how good it felt. Pure freedom!"

  • Hill Harper has done more than transition from the morgue to the field during the summer. The young actor has written a book called Letters To A Young Brother, which contains inspirational messages created to help today's troubled youth. The book will hit the stores April 2006 and will be the first of a series.

  • If you'd like to win a free copy of the "Grave Danger" DVD, all you have to do is head over to femalefirst.co.uk and answer an easy question. 5 lucky winners will be picked later on. The DVD, however, is in Region 2 encoding.

  • The mysterious series Night Stalker will premiere tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC. The series revolves around a newspaper reporter who is haunted by his past investigates strange deaths and unexplained phenomena, asking questions that no one else will about cases the police can't - or won't – solve, and is an adaptation of the 70s series with the same name. Night Stalker stars Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union.

  • J.K. Woodward, who worked as an illustrator on the CSI: New York comic book, has landed a new gig working on Fallen Angel a comic book created by Peter David. Fallen Angel was off the market for a while, but was recently picked up by a different publisher and will hit the stands again in December. Woodward said, "Fallen Angel, the same thing that was challenging about CSI: NY -- I had to work with characters that were established by someone other than me. All my previous work was collaborative. But in the case of Fallen Angel, it's an enjoyable challenge," Woodward said.

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