Promo For Tonight's 'Dead Zone' Online

By Caillan
September 29, 2003 - 9:19 AM

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'Dead Zone' image - copyright CBSCBS recently released the trailer for tonight's CSI: Miami episode, "Dead Zone".

The episode centres around a treasure hunter, who is found dead in his boat, speared with a harpoon. Joe Chappelle directed from a script by freshman CSI scribe Michael Ostrowski.

The 30-second promo is available for download from For those of you with limited bandwidth, here's a transcript:

[Paul Jackson waves his hands wildly in front of his body.]
[Text: 'Monday']
[Jackson screams as he is speared with a harpoon.]


[Horatio Caine and Yelina Salas survey the inside of the boat where Jackson was killed.]
[Alexx lifts a sheet over Jackson as Calleigh watches.]
Alexx: "A naked guy..."
[Close-up of the spear impaled into the man's body.]
Alexx: (off-screen) "...and a spear."
[Calleigh surveys the scene.]
Calleigh: "And they say guns are dangerous."
[Bird's eye view of Calleigh and Alexx in the morgue.]


[A boat cuts through the waves.]
[A diver swins down to the bottom of the sea.]
[Close-up of gold coins on the sandy sea floor.]
[The diver holds up one of the coins in front of his helmet.]
[Text: 'Buried Treasure']
[Back at the lab, Tim Speedle assesses the case.]
Speedle: "Somebody made off with millions."
[Close-up of the treasure.]
[Yelina and Horatio walk along the sea front.]
Yelina: "It's a 2 million dollar business in Florida."
[Horatio stands in the lab, with all the evidence pinned to the wall behind him.]
[A large piece of paper with the image of a man's face on it is laid out.]
[Close-up of Eric Delko underwater.]
Delko: "I got it."
[Horatio stands on the deck of the boat.]
Horatio: "Send it up."
[The treasure chest is hoisted up.]


[Delko surfaces near the boat.]
[Horatio talks to Marty Jones back at the crime lab.]
Horatio: "You're saying you witnessed the murder."
[Close-up of Marty Jones as the camera zooms in on his eye.]
[An unknown hand picks up a harpoon gun.]
[Close-up of Eric Delko.]
Delko: "Treasure only brings trouble to people."
[Brian Betancourt sits on a bench chewing on a cigar.]
[Horatio isn't getting anywhere with him.]
Horatio: "You are about to make an enemy you don't need."
[Brian Betancourt laughs, apparently unconcerned.]
[Quick flash of images.]
[Gabriela Betancourt yells out to her husband.]
Gabriela: "Brian!"
[A house explodes.]


[Text: 'CSI: Miami - New Episode - Monday 10/9C']

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