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Helgenberger Talks 'Weeping Willows'

By Carolina
April 29, 2005 - 8:31 AM

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TV Guide recently sat down with Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) and husband Alan Rosenberg to discuss the episode that will pair the couple on screen.

In "Weeping Willows", Catherine's job is put at risk when the mysterious man she meets at a bar turns out to be a murder suspect. Tensions flare between Catherine and Grissom as her former boss attempts to keep her away from the case. Helgenberger revealed the storyline was her idea. "It's my effort to explore her desires," said the actress in the latest issue of TV Guide. "What does this woman do after throwing herself into death and decay for hours on end?"

Executive producer Carol Mendelshon loved the idea - and the prospect of getting Marg's husband to play her on-screen love interest. "We thought, 'Wouldn't it be fun if the first person she kisses on the show is her husband?'" As for the Warrick/Catherine relationship that began brewing earlier this season, Mendelshon revealed it was put in the back burner for a while. "It's something we'll deal with next year."

Rosenberg, who was first reluctant to accept the role, admitted the scenes were "different". "I've never approached her with that kind of energy before," the actor said. "We don't do any role-playing games in our relationship you know, she's the cop, I'm the naughty boy. But after seeing how it went with this, maybe we should."

The same issue of TV Guide touched lightly on Miami's May sweeps period and what to expect in regards to character Calleigh Duquesne, who is rumoured to quit ballistics after being assaulted at a crime scene. Without giving much away, executive producer Ann Donahue explained the storyline was an attempt to make things more realistic. "While we can't imagine CSI: Miami without Calleigh, sometimes you have to follow the drama where it leads you."

"Weeping Willows" is set to air on May 5th, 2005. Pick up your May 1st issue of TV Guide to read the full article. Thanks to Elyse for the Miami blurb.

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