Official Promo And Details For 'Spark Of Life'

By Carolina
March 29, 2005 - 2:30 AM

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CSI: Miami and CSI: New York are both repeats this week. But CSI returns from a brief hiatus with a brand new episode, "Spark of Life".

CBS describes the episode as follows:

Grissom discovers a connection between the fiery suicide of a woman in the Vegas wilderness and the slaughter of an entire family in a suburban home. The evidence exposes a couple's infidelity, as well as the unthinkable results of one woman's desperate attempt to get pregnant.

"Spark of Life" debuts writer Allen MacDonald and was directed by veteran Ken Fink. Below is a list of the guest actors appearing in this episode:

  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Louise Lombard as Sofia Curtis
  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges
  • Aisha Tyler as Mia Dickerson
  • Alex Carter as Detective Vartan
  • Lennie Loftin as Chief Dysart
  • Lina Patel as Tara Matthews
  • Anna Lumarque as E.R. Nurse
  • Michael Bryan French as Dr. Frank
  • Aimee Miles as Corinne Stewart
  • Jeffrey Johnson as Morgan Stewart
  • Justin Kirk as Patrick Bromley
  • Daylia Sky Wallace as Dani Stewart
  • Tim DeKay as Neal Matthews
  • Heather McComb as Annabelle Frost
  • Terry Bozeman as Brad Lewis
  • Alex Wexo as Tim (Stargazer)

Berman, Lombard, Langham, Tyler, Carter, and Bozeman return to portray their recurring characters. Fans may remember Lennie Loftin from the episode "Down the Drain", where he played Rick. Michael Bryan French also played a hospital doctor in the episode "No Humans Involved". Heather McComb debuts on CSI, but is not a freshman to the franchise. She played Ginny Taylor in the Miami episode "A Horrible Mind.

CBS also released the 20-second promo video for the episode, which can be now downloaded from For those of you on dial-up, here's a transcript of the trailer:

Spark of Life - Copyright CBS ON THE NEXT CSI

[A man looks through the lens of a telescope.]
[He stands in the path as a ball of flame rolls down the hill.]
[As he runs from it, he trips and falls down.]
[Close up of the ball of fire. It lights up everything it touches.]
[Hours later, the fire department has put the fire out. The scene is crowded with professional
[Grissom scans the area, looking around for evidence with his flashlight.]
[Close-up of a charred body. The mouth is open and the teeth are visible.]
[Catherine is in a dark room, flashlight in hand, looking around.]
[A darkened figure wearing a hooded jacket fires his gun at someone.]
Spark of Life - Copyright CBS[Two dark figures stand in front of each other; the man is dousing the woman in gasoline.]
[Close-up of a man with a lighter, staring at the flame, transfixed.]
[A figure stands in the middle of an isolated area, engulfed in flames.]
[Back at the crime scene, at night, the CSIs continue to look for evidence.]
[Sara holds a piece of evidence close to her face and studies it carefully.]
[Back in a house, a dead woman is sprawled on the staircase. There's blood everywhere.]
[Flashback: A person jumps into a pool. The camera follows them underwater, where there's a little girl, drowning.]
[Close-up of Nick as he looks pensive.]
[Flashback: Two men struggle for something; one of them holds the item in the air. A close-up reveals it's a gun.]
[Warrick walks around a darkened room, flashlight in hand.]
[Back at the lab, Grissom walks into a room. It looks like he's in a rush.]
Spark of Life - Copyright CBS[From her desk, Catherine takes her sunglasses off and looks up at someone.]
[At a hospital, a surgical team is working on a burnt victim.]
[Greg stands behind the panel as he watches, disturbed.]
Greg: "How do you get an image like that out of your mind?"
[Close-up of the patient, it's a woman, and her whole face is burnt.]

To view the 20-second promo in streaming Real Media format, head over to the official CSI site.

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