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Vanessa Ferlito: You Can't Fake New York

By Carolina
September 28, 2005 - 5:36 PM

Vanessa Ferlito has such a strong New York attitude the actress didn't even have to audition for the role of Aiden Burn.

"I never tested for it," she confessed. "They just offered it to me. I think I was the first one cast after Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor). I guess they wanted authentic New York, you know what I mean? New Yorker's have something. It is an energy. You can't fake it."

One thing the actress wasn't ready for was the animosity between CSI and its two spin-offs. Various stars from CSI have been vocal about their opposition to the creation of Miami and New York, or any future CSIs. William Petersen (Gil Grissom) feels the spin-offs dilute the appeal of the original version and hasn't been shy about voicing that opinion in public.

Ferlito, however, feels all this fighting is a waste of time and energy. "I am not interested in the cattiness," the actress said. "Are they number one? So why are they so negative about it [New York]? I heard all the bulls. You know what I feel? I feel like, dude, relax. Do you go home to your healthy family every night? Do you have clothes on your back? How dare you complain."

Ferlito did not mention anything about the new season of New York or the fate of her character, but revealed when she gets a gig she gives it her all. "I take on roles and I focus on the role. Then there are the actors that are just totally self-involved and their ego wildly out of control and love the fame. I don't need people to feed my ego. I want the recognition when I deserve it, period. I don't let anyone step all over me."

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