'For Warrick' Promo Available

By Rachel
August 28, 2008 - 5:11 AM

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The promo for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's upcoming season premiere, "For Warrick", is now available online.

Warrick's life hangs in the balance due to the multiple gunshot wounds he sustained in the season eight finale. The team must work together to deal with the shooting, and Sara Sidle returns to Las Vegas. The teleplay for "For Warrick" was written by Allen MacDonald and Richard J. Lewis, based on a story by executive producer Carol Mendelsohn.

The promo can be viewed below, followed by a full transcript.

[A siren wails]
[The lights of the Las Vegas strip glitter at night]
[Text over: 'The new season']
[Catherine Willows walks between two police cars]
[Warrick Brown walks toward his car in the alley]
[Warrick glances toward the passenger side of the car and rolls the window down]
[A bright light flashes as Undersheriff McKeen shoots Warrick]
[Zoom toward the car in the alley]
[Gil Grissom runs toward the car]
[Jim Brass addresses a room full of officers]
Brass: Warrick Brown is our only case.
[Greg Sanders walks down the lab hallway]
[Grissom enters his office to see Sara Sidle standing by his desk]
[Grissom and Sara embrace]
Sara: I caught the first flight out.
[A SWAT officer climbs onto a porch, gun in hand]
[Two members of a SWAT team prepare to enter a house]
[Text over: 'The show that changed television']
[Police cars race down the street]
[A woman walks across the room in a bikini, trailing a towel]
[Grissom ducks under crime scene tape]
[Police cars speed down the road, accompanied by a helicopter]
[Several figures pass through a doorway, scanning a flashlight across the darkened room beyond]
[The team stands around an evidence table]
[Conrad Ecklie addresses them]
Ecklie: You take this to the wrong judge, he'll stick a fork in all of us.
[Sara looks up]
[A uniformed cop raises his gun]
[Text over: 'The season that changes everything']
[Sara lies with her head on Grissom's chest]
[Glass explodes outward as windows shatter]
[The woman in a bikini leaps over a balcony with the Vegas strip in the background]
[She falls past several balconies toward the ground]
[People sit and stand on a bus as the roof suddenly caves in over their heads]
[Nick Stokes nods slightly]
Nick: Let's finish this for him.
[Catherine can't hold back her emotions and puts a hand over her mouth]
[A bullet bursts through a dark surface, letting light through the hole it leaves behind]
[Grissom kneels beside Warrick in the alley as blood pools around his body]
Grissom: Warrick, stay with me.
[Grissom cradles Warrick's head in his hands]
[Warrick's eyes are closed]
[Warrick's eye opens, filling the frame]
Grissom: Oh my god.
[Text over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, New season, Thursdays this fall']

"For Warrick" will air October 9 on CBS. Thanks to Ashleigh24 on YouTube.

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