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By Kristine
June 28, 2004 - 9:19 PM

Hello World!

Reading through some of the threads over the last month or so at Talk CSI Files has gotten me thinking more and more about the relationships on the show. Everyone's got an opinion of which characters they'd like to see pair off, but I have to wonder, is it ever going to happen.

In the fourth season finale of CSI, "Bloodlines" (beware spoilers if you haven't seen it!), Grissom came to the police station to pick up Sara, who had been celebrating her recent promotion by drinking with Nick. Slightly over the legal limit, Sara got in a car and got pulled over. Grissom bailed her out, and the pair left, hand-in-hand, after Grissom told her, "Let's get you home." Long a favorite pairing, hints of the character's feelings had been dropped all season, from Sara's thoughtful, extended looks at Grissom to Grissom's veiled confession of longing and loneliness at the end of "Butterflied."

But will it go anywhere? There are even websites devoted to the pairing, but I have a sneaky suspicion that when season five begins, little or no mention will be made of that night. After all, we don't often see the CSIs private lives, so we can't really expect to see Grissom and Sara waking up next to each other.

But what if we did. Oh, I completely understand the reasoning behind keeping the characters' private lives out of the show for the most part. After all, if the audience is too busy worrying about Catherine's fight with her daughter or wondering if Grissom and Sara are using the labs for extracurricular purposes, it could detract from the seriousness of the show and the stories themselves. But wouldn't it be fun to turn the viewers expectations on their head by starting a relationship between Sara and Grissom. The tension between the two has been developing for a while; maybe it's time to explore it.

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Today's Television Listings

Tonight, CBS will air CSI: Miami's second season premiere, "Blood Brothers." Here is TV Guide's description of the episode:

    Horatio investigates the murder of a model intentionally run down outside of a Miami hotel by a driver who fled the scene. When the evidence leads to a suspect, governmental red tape puts an unexpected twist on the proceedings. Also: Horatio and Yelina begin to confront their feelings for one another. Heidi Klum makes a cameo appearance.

On Thursday, CBS will show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's episode "Bad to the Bone." TV Guide describes as the episode:

    An intimidating, husky man is beaten to death in a casino men's room, apparently by a lone attacker. The investigation leads the CSIs to the slightly-built owner of a run-down motel where they find evidence of other crimes and murders, but few explanations.

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