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'Miami' Season One Released Tomorrow

By Kristine
June 28, 2004 - 7:54 PM

The DVD set of CSI: Miami's first season hits stores tomorrow, filled with extras that include four commentaries and five behind-the-scenes featurettes.

The season set includes all twenty four season one CSI: Miami episodes, and the second season CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode that introduced the Miami team, "Cross-Jurisdictions". The five featurettes are "CSI: Miami Uncovered," "Creating CSI: Miami," "Production of Handling Evidence," "The Autopsy Theater Tour,"which is hosted by Khandi Alexander (Alexx) and "The Gun Lab Tour," hosted by Emily Procter (Calleigh).

The four episodes that feature commentaries are: "Cross-Judications", "Golden Parachute", "Dispo Day", and "Freaks and Tweaks". David Grossman, Elizabeth Devine, Danny Cannon, Steve Maeda, and John Haynes participate in the commentaries.

Digitally Obsessed has already posted a review, grading the set in five different categories. The set scored well technically, earning an A minus for style, and A minuses for both image and audio grade transfer. While the extras scored an A plus, the show itself only scored a B minus for content.

Reviewer Kevin Clemons found the show didn't compare to its predecessor, and wasn't thrilled with the characters, especially Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso:

    CSI: Miami lacks the depth and originality of the franchise's flagship to be considered something truly excellent. The worst flaw is that Horatio is treated as a larger-than-life figure who never makes mistakes and always gets his man. What makes his counterpart, Grissom, in CSI, a believable creation is that his failures lead to his mystique. He is more of a real human being with problems and complexities; here, Caine is more like a stereotype.

Clemons did praise the atmosphere of the show, noting that the setting enhances the show, and that the trademark "CSI Shots" are as interesting as always:

    The series is helped greatly from its glitzy location, as the trademark quick-editing found in both the original series as well as this spinoff helps to create a sense of style that works wonderfully. With the plush location of Miami, the series has the type of bright and flashy style that works well with the subject matter, and, as always, the interesting ways in which the camera seemingly moves inside the human body is a fascinating use of special effects.

To read the full review, please visit Digitally Obsessed. CSI: Miami Season One can be ordered from Amazon.com!

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