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CBS Previews Four New Episodes Of 'CSI'

By Carolina
April 28, 2005 - 12:27 AM

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CBS last week premiered a sneak peak at CSI's last four episodes of the season, including this week's new "Committed".

In this episode, a brutal murder at a state mental hospital puts Grissom and Sara on a dangerous investigation at a place where only a handful of residents and staff could be responsible for the killing. Meanwhile, Catherine and her team look into the death of young man whose body was found in a crop circle and shows no outward or inward signs of what killed him. "Committed" was written by Sarah Goldfinger & Uttam Narsu, and directed by Richard J. Lewis.

The 30-second trailer for the episode is now available on the official CBS site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[A man walks towards a crime scene, holding a CSI kit.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.']
[A dead woman lays on the floor, the camera pans all through her body and settles on her hand.]
[Text-over: 'TV's Most Watched Drama.']
[Catherine surveys a crime scene with a flashlight.]
[Text-over: 'All New In May.']
[Flash: Close-up of a movie reel.]
[Flash: Someone analyzes a she print through a lens.]
[Flash: Close-up of an eye.]
[Flash: Close-up of a few microscopic organisms.]
[Flash: Close-up of a fingerprint.]
[Flash: A bullet hits a glass panel. The glass shatters.]
[Close-up of Grissom.]
Grissom: "Here we come."
'Committed' - copyright CBS[Shot of a man lying in bed, hysterical. Another man is trying to hold him down.]
[Text-over: 'It's Getting Crazy']
Man: "We get all the inmates he prisons can't handle."
[Sara closely examines one of the inmate's room.]
[A row of inmates are walking around the hospital, they're closely guarded by an officer.]
[Grissom, Sara, and Brass watch as they walk by.]
[Sara tries to get a DNA sample of one of the inmates when he jumps to attack her.]
[Sara jumps back.]
[Catherine kisses a man.]
[Text-over: 'It's Getting Personal']
[The same man is being interrogated later on.]
Man: "What's this about?"
[Catherine walks towards a crime scene. There's a body lying on the floor.]
Voice over: "A homicide."
[Close-up of Catherine. There's a tiny cut on her right cheek bone.]
[Grissom confronts her about it.]
Grissom: "He hit you?"
'Committed' - copyright CBS[Catherine confronts her date out in the street.]
Man: "I don't know why you're setting me up."
[He makes a sudden movement, causing Catherine to pull out her gun.]
Catherine: "Back off."
[Catherine, Nick, and Warrick stand over a dead body that's lying in a grassy area.]
[Text-over: 'It's Getting Weird']
[The camera pans in on the body, male, lying face down.]
[Warrick addresses David Philips.]
Warrick: "Crop circle?"
[Warrick is back at the morgue.]
[They pull something out of the corpse's mouth. It's a white, slimy substance.]
Warrick: "Oh, now that's alien."
[Nick holds the substance up with tweezers and analyzes it.]


[Text-over: 'Season Finale. Directed By Quentin Tarantino']


'Committed' - copyright CBS[Catherine stands behind the yellow tape, flashlight in hand.]
[Grissom examines a tiny object.]
[Nick looks closely at a railing.]
[Sara walks down a hallway as she looks inside a room.]
[Greg picks up an object and points his flashlight at it.]
[Warrick looks into the things inside his locker.]


[Text-over: 'Buried']
[A shovel picks deposits a pile of dirt on the ground.]
[A brown boot stomps on the area.]
[Close-up of an eye as it opens and looks around. The person is clearly panicked.]


[Text-over: 'Alive']
[Text-over: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. First of 4 New Episodes. Thursday 9/8c']

The full promo can be seen as a 30-second streaming RealMedia file at CBS's official CSI web site.

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