'CSI: Miami' Heads For The Race Track

By Caillan
September 27, 2003 - 7:53 AM

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Miami doesn't seem to be able to hold a big event without someone dying in suspicious circumstances. After the murder of a supermodel during Fashion Week in "Blood Brothers", a pit-stop crew member will meet his maker during the Grand Prix Americas.

Sources today revealed the first plot details for the episode, simply entitled "Grand Prix". The victim-of-the-week is Chris Peterson, the fuel man for the Wilson Racing team, who is literally burnt alive during a training run. Only this fire is unlike any other — it's invisible.

No one in the Wilson Racing team seems particuarly grieved at Peterson's death. Hayley Wilson, the thirty-something socialite who owns the team, tries to charm Horatio Caine into glossing over the whole affair. Fat chance. Crew chief Ron Ellis shows a similar lack of concern, but neither Willis or Ellis can surpass the race car driver, Dale Reid, in arrogance.

Dale Reid is young, brash and full of attitude. He also has a criminal record which includes an assault on Chris Peterson two weeks prior to the fuel man's death. Reid says Peterson had it coming to him: his slackness cost Reid a race in Denver. But the driver is adamant he didn't want to kill him, just have him dumped from the Wilson team.

And unfortunately for the CSIs, it seems he may be telling the truth. But they're not without a suspect for too long, because soon footprints belonging to members of a rival racing team are found in the Wilson team's pit...

Please note that these plot details have not yet been confirmed by CBS, Bruckheimer Films or Alliance Atlantis and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. Also, please be aware that these details come from an early draft of the script, and elements may chance before the episode goes to air.

"Grand Prix" will likely air in late 2003.

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