CBS Releases 'Stuck On You' Promo

By Carolina
January 27, 2006 - 7:27 PM

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CBS yesterday released the promo video of the new CSI: New York episode "Suck On You."

Mac, Det. Flack and Dr. Hawkes investigate the death of a model and an injured 20-something billionaire who were both speared by an arrow while hooking up at his party. Stella, who was attending the event as a guest, joins the investigation as the team works to discover who was the intended target--the playboy who is notorious for his conquests, or the model he had just met. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay question a multitude of suspects when a music promoter is found dead, coated with glue and covered in the billboard posters of the band he was trying to break out.

The promo can now be downloaded at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the promo video:


'Stuck On You' [The camera zooms in through the New York skyline.]
[Close-up of Mac as he looks down.]
[Camera zooms in through the buildings again, but this time it's at night.]
[In one of these buildings, a man and a woman are getting desperately intimate.]
[The man picks her up and presses her up against the wall, and proceeds to kiss her neck.]
[He frantically starts to unbutton her blouse.]
[They're both naked now, still kissing.]
[Suddenly, something approaches the couple at a high speed.]
[We see an arrow, entering the man through his back and piercing his companion, as well. They both groan in pain.]


[Fake New York paper with the picture of the couple, reads 'killer cupid.']
[From afar, we see someone standing on another building, with a bow and arrow in their hands.]
Mac: "Our killer's a hunter."
[In the morgue, the coroner is removing the arrow from the female victim.]
[Mac addresses someone.]
Mac: "And his prey is human."
'Stuck On You' [Stella is at the scene.]
Stella: "Gotta love this job."
[Back at the lab, Mac is test firing bows and arrows."
[Lindsay reacts to this.]
Lindsay: "Another weapon you're an expert with. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried."


[A subway train flashes by.]
[A band of young girls is performing on stage.]
[Back stage, it seems, a boy shoves another boy down.]
[Close-up on the drummer of the girls band. She's already got the jaded rock star look down pat.]
[Out in the street, the two boys continue to fight.]
[As the guitarist drums her guitar...]
[ of the boys is down on the floor, getting beaten.]
[New York headline with the picture of the man, reads 'gets sticky.']
[The picture comes to life, and someone cascades some glue into the young man's face.]
[Danny and Lindsay are at the scene, looming over the body.]
Danny: "Wow. Somebody really wanted to stick it to Mr. Rep."
[At the morgue, the coroner removes the hardened glue from the victim's face.]
'Stuck On You' [Lindsay looks up at all the posters of bands on the opposite wall.]
Lindsay: "You think this is some kind of turf war?"
[Mac checks in with Danny and Lindsay.]
Mac: "You guys on the music promoter?"
Danny: "Like glue."


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: NY. Hit drama. New episode – Wednesday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new CSI: New York episode, head over to the official CSI: New York website.

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