Kanakaredes: I Can't Believe It

By Rachel
September 26, 2008 - 3:59 AM

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CSI: New York enters its fifth year on the air.

The Early Show caught up with Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor) and Melina Kanakaredes (Stella Bonasera) when they were filming the recent season premiere. The episode found the team searching for Mac after he was kidnapped in season four's cliffhanger finale. Sinise and Kanakaredes were filming the pivotal scene at the beginning of the episode, where Mac emerges from the water in Jersey City, New Jersey and calls Stella.

"Yesterday, I was in a helicopter at sunset in Manhattan," Kanakaredes said. "It was the most beautiful way to see the city. At the same time, a very heightened energetic scene because Mac is missing, this bad guy has taken him and Stella is looking for him." When asked if Mac would seek revenge against "Joe", the bank robber, Sinise explained, "He wants justice. That's what he seeks. He wants people to pay for their crimes."

Both actors have been with New York since the very first season. "Veritas" is the start of the show's fifth year. "Fifth season, I can't believe it," Kanakaredes said. "I had a little infant in season one, and now she's turning five."

Sinise gave his opinion about what CSI: NY's setting adds to the series. "One of the great things about New York, why so many shows have been set here, it's a big international city," he explained. "It has many, many stories."

The original interview can be watched at The Early Show website.

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