The Yukon XL Denali Joins The Cast Of 'CSI'

By Carolina
May 26, 2005 - 6:00 AM

"Grave Danger" saw the addition of a new cast member to CSI: the brand new GMC Mobile Analysis Unit.

The Yukon XL Denali was chosen as the new crime lab on wheels for the Vegas team. Larry Mitchell, retired crime scene investigator turned technical advisor, showed off the SUV that will also serve as a Mobile Analysis Unit for Grissom and his team. "This is a state of the art crime lab, one every CSI person would give their heart for," Mitchell told CBS. "We have everything that you would use at a crime scene, to handle any kind of crime scene you can come in contact with."

The Mobile Analysis Unit is equipped with drawers and cabinets in its trunk that hold every possible CSI tool, from fingerprint powder to evidence containers. The vehicle is also heavily equipped to handle any type of terrain. "This is basically an indestructible vehicle; it's got 4-wheel drive. Would you say, we had scene that was off-road. We have to dive in the forest, we have to drive through mud, rainy days... this vehicle can get there. With all the equipment we carry you have a total portable crime lab that you can take with you in the field," Mitchell added. "This vehicle will handle almost anything."

In addition, director Quentin Tarantino talked to CBS about how he came to direct the season finale and his first meeting with the producers. "I had to, like, stop and like, 'Can I even do a CSI? Do I even know how to do that?' And so I came to then and I go, 'Look, if you just want me to come in and shoot montages of dandruff being put under a microscope and put in a solution and cut to groovy music, I'm not your guy," he laughed.

A CSI fan since the show premiered, Tarantino also revealed what attracted him to the show in the first place. "I love the mystery aspect of it and deconstructing the story and figuring out how it all works. But also, I really, really, along with all the other characters, I really love Grissom's character," he said. "And I like the fact that he knows a little bit about everything and you buy it, you know, the way Billy plays him. So it's like, it's a combination of these really great mysteries, this really terrific cast, all these cool characters, and then Grissom as this terrific lead."

Head over to the CSI official website to view these video interviews, and watch old videos featuring William Petersen (Gil Grissom) and Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows).

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