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CBS Previews Four New Episodes Of 'New York'

By Carolina
April 26, 2005 - 7:43 AM

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CBS last week premiered a sneak peak at New York's last four episodes of the season, including this week's new "Supply and Demands".

In this episode, the team must find the killers responsible for the death of a college student, who was beaten, shot, and his apartment ransacked in what appears to be a drug-related hit. After examining the evidence in the murdered student’s apartment, the team finds traces of pure, unprocessed heroin and discovers that the victim had a female roommate who is now missing. Meanwhile, Stella’s aggressive interrogation tactics with a witness threaten her police badge. "Supply and Demand" was written by Anne McGrail & Erica Shelton, and directed by Joe Chappelle.

The 30-second trailer for the episode is now available on the official CBS site. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Text-over: 'It's coming'.]
Mac: "My job is to collect evidence."
[Flash: Mac looks at someone over his shoulder.]
[Flash: Stella looks up. Her expression reveals she's shocked.]
[Flash: Flack is walking away, but turns around to look at something."
[Flash: At the lab, Danny stares intently.]


'Supply and Demand' - copyright CBS [Text-over: '4 New Episodes'.]
[Mac and Stella walk towards a crime scene.]
[A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt runs towards a fence and starts climbing it.]
[A woman wearing a pink dress climbs down a fire escape ladder.]
[Out in the street, a man throws something at the camera.]
[Mac and Stella survey a scene. Mac opens up a garbage bin.]
[A figure jumps from inside the bin and attacks Mac.]
[As Mac struggles, Stella pulls her gun out.]
Stella: "Police, freeze!"
[Inside a subway station, Danny is rushing down a small flight of stairs as people jump out of his way.]
Danny: "Out of the way!"
[Still in the subway. A man fires his gun.]
[Close-up on Stella.]
Stella: "Two kids dead and counting."
[Close-up on a couple of barefooted feet as a person runs down the street.]
[Close-up on a wheel as a car burns rubber.]
[Mac addresses Stella.]
'Supply and Demand' - copyright CBSMac: "This wasn't just a nickel and dime robbery.']
[In an apartment room, a man grabs a piece of furniture and throws it to the floor.]
[Pieces of decoration shatter as they hit the floor.]
[A man is being interrogated.]
Man: "Who knows what secrets lurk in a criminal's mind."
[Mac rushes inside a trailer, his gun drawn. A man raises his arms up in defense]


[The woman in the pink dress runs down the street.]
[Text-over: 'Saved the best.']
[As she makes it to the street, a truck nears. It's about to hit her when she stops, panicked.]
[Close-up on the woman as the truck gets close. She's terrified.]
[Flash: The camera roams through the streets of New York and focuses on a police car.]
[A different man is being interrogated.]
Man: "I didn't kill that girl."
[Close-up on a performer as she does tricks with fire sticks.]


[Hawkes and Stella look inside an autopsy room drawer as they pull it out.]
[Text-over: 'For Last.']
[Flashback: A man and a woman kiss.]
[A man wearing a red jacket holds his baseball glove in the air as a baseball presumably nears.]
[A pen light is flashed inside a woman's mouth.]
'Supply and Demand' - copyright CBS[Close-up on Aiden as she points her flashlight at something.]
[Danny also uses his flashlight as he walks around in the darkness.]
[Close-up on the dead body of a young girl. There's blood on her left temple.]
[Inside a jail cell, a man screams and keels over in pain.]
[Close-up on Danny as he draws his gun out.]
[Shots go off and the people inside the subway station scream and duck.]
[Mac addresses Danny.]
Mac: "Are you sure this is the guy you were chasing?"
[Close-up on a body, lying on the ground. There's a gun shot wound on his stomach – his police badge is clearly visible.]
[Danny panics.]
Danny: "No, no, he's a cop!"


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: NY. Four New Episodes. Starting Wednesday April 27th'.]

The full promo can be seen as a 30-second streaming RealMedia file at CBS's official CSI: New York web site.

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