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CBS Releases 'Blood In The Water' Promo

By Carolina
September 24, 2005 - 6:57 PM

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CBS recently released the promo for the second episode of CSI: Miami's fourth season.

In "Blood In The Water" a family's trip to the ocean turns into a disaster when their boat catches on fire and daughter is killed during the tragedy. As the CSIs investigate, they discover a web of lies within the family. Now, as the team delves into the world of outrageously wealthy yacht club members, they find that not everyone is who they appear to be. Meanwhile, Calleigh clashes with her replacement in the ballistics lab.

The trailer is currently available for download at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.

CSI: Miami -- Blood In The Water [The camera flies over the ocean, quickly, and focuses on a yacht on fire.]
[A young man looks out into the distance and shouts.]
Young Man: "There are sharks out there!"
[Out in the open sea, three sharks circle each other, looking for a prey.]
[An older woman rushes to the side of the boat to look out into the sea.]
[A young girl addresses someone. She's wearing a life vest.]
Young Girl: "Would you rather burn to death?"
[At that moment, an explosion roars through the boat. The young girl screams; her brother ducks.]


[Fire slowly engulfs the boat. The family screams.]
[Panicked, the young girl jumps into the ocean as her family watches in horror.]
[The young man stands in the boat, looking at his sister, who is being encircled by a shark.]
Young Man: "Julie, no!"
[But it's too late. A shark takes a hold of Julie and pulls her underwater.]
[The water quickly turns red. Julie's life vest floats to the surface - without her.]


[Horatio is at the scene, the Coast Guard in the background. He looks at the crime scene.]
[In an obviously well endowed family's house, a woman walks down the hall.]
CSI: Miami -- Blood In The Water [Frank Tripp and Eric Delko are on the case. Back at the precinct, they stare at a computer monitor.]
Tripp: "Looks like, to me, just a freak accident."
[Close-up of a bullet case.]
[Shot of a jet-ski as it roars through the ocean.]
[Delko isn't convinced.]
Delko: "Or the perfect crime."


[A man opens the door to a mansion; Ryan Wolfe stands behind him.]
[A young man jumps through a wall of smoke and into the ocean.]
[Delko is underwater, looking for evidence.]
[Horatio is in a boat, a strange man to his side.]
[Calleigh and Ryan walk up to a man.]
Calleigh: "Anything missing?"
[Close-up of the man.]
Man: "Ten million dollars."
CSI: Miami -- Blood In The Water [A chest is opened, from the inside, we see various gold bars. Horatio looks down at them. It's the ten million dollars the man talked about.]
[Ryan is back at the lab, testing evidence.]
[He holds a beaker in front of him and lets it fall.]
[The beaker hits a white surface and crashes.]
[Close-up of a finger as someone takes a person's fingerprints.]
[Back at sea, Horatio addresses Delko.]
Horatio: "Better move quick."
[Back at the CSI garage, Delko opens the door to a car.]
Delko: "Why is that?"
[Close-up of a gun as it goes off.]
Horatio: "We have a sinking crime scene."
[At a nondescript lobbie, Horatio hands a receptionist a few papers.]
[A body is being dragged through the floor, leaving a streak of blood behind.]
[Close-up of Delko as he examines an enclosed area with his flashlight.]
[Back to the boat, the flames keep getting bigger and bigger.]
[Calleigh is inside, examining the charred boat.]
[Suddenly the boat is hit by something; she and Ryan fall to the ground.]


[The Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New episode - Monday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new Miami episode, head over to the official Miami site.

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