Littman Talks 'CSI,' 'Miami' & 'New York'

By Christian
July 24, 2007 - 12:46 PM

After seven years of increasing tension between Grissom and Sara, it looks like fans will finally be able to expect some kind of resolution when CSI returns in the Fall.

"The Sara-Grissom storyline is going to conclude," CSI executive producer Jonathan Littman told the Orlando Sentinel at a party CBS threw during the recent Television Critics Association press tour. "Don't take it in that definitive term. It's very smartly done."

When asked to expand, Littman said the show's writers were planning a "big storyline finish" for Sara and Grissom. "It will play out for a few episodes. [...] The ambition of their stories is once again extremely high and extremely quirky. That arc worked so well with Grissom and Sara, that we are going to let these characters breathe this year. Everyone has their moments. The characters are going to have their journeys."

As the head of Jerry Bruckheimer's television division, Littman is involved with all three CSI shows. For the other two shows, he only provided two brief tidbits: he said that Ryan Wolfe will remain fired at the start of Miami's new season, and revealed that on New York, Mac Taylor will be harassed, without being able to find out who's behind it. Finally, Littman again confirmed there won't be another CSI spin-off. "I think everyone feels three is a good, round number. Law & Order went to four, and it didn't work. I think we're all very content with three CSIs."

For more from Littman, head over to the full report at the Orlando Sentinel.

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