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CBS Releases 'All Access' Promo

By Carolina
April 24, 2006 - 4:23 PM

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CBS has released the promo for the new CSI: New York episode "All Access."

A concert goer attempting to sneak in to a Kid Rock show gets the shock of her life when she discovers a dead man in a limo outside of the concert hall. Mac and Lindsay are forced to question concert goers, groupies and uncooperative handlers when the star becomes their prime suspect. Meanwhile, a routine call heard over the police scanners floors the team when they realize the emergency may affect one of their own team members.

The 30-second promo can now be downloaded at CBS.com. For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript of the promo video:


'All Access' [The New York skyline at night.]
[The camera dives in through the city's landmark buildings.]
[It's nighttime, but the city still looks buzzing.]
[A limo driver sits in the front hit of a car, his eyes opened, but he's dead.]
[A woman opens the door and when she finds him there she screams.]
[Kid Rock is on stage performing.]


[A black screen.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: NY Rocks'.]
[Kid Rock is talking to Mac backstage.]
Kid Rock: "I didn't shoot that driver.]
[Flashback: Someone has a gun to the limo driver's face.]
[Mac isn't convinced.]
Mac: "You know how many guilty people sing that same song?"
[Kid Rock looks at him and nods.]


[Flash: Kid Rock singing on stage.]
[Flash: Danny grabs a woman on the street.]
'All Access' [Flash: Stella is face down on her bed crying.]
[Flash: Kid Rock on stage.]
[As he performs, the audience goes wild.]
[After the concert. He puts a cigar in his mouth and looks away.]
[Flash through the streets of New York.]
[Stella is talking to Frankie.]
Frankie: "You don't love me?"
[Next he's standing up and taking his shirt off.]
Frankie: "I wanna teach you a thing or two about crime scenes."
[Flash: Frankie and Stella physically fighting. Stella struggles to get away.]
[Flash: She throws a punch at him.]
[Flash: He grabs her by her wrists.]
[Kid Rock continues to perform on stage.]
[He jumps up as he sings.]
[Mac and Flack barge into an apartment with their guns drawn.]
Mac: "NYPD."
[Stella is hiding behind a door and suddenly pushes it open.]
[On the other side, it hits Frankie and he drops the knife he'd been holding.]
[Kid Rock continues to perform.]
[Stella is running through the apartment.]
[Mac, with his gun drawn, continues to look around.]
[He sees something and points his gun at it.]
[Behind him, Flack and a band of cops do the same.]
'All Access' [Frankie looks behind him.]
[On stage, Kid Rock continues to jump around and sing.]
[Stella is inside a bathtub. Her wrists are tied together and so are her ankles.]
[A woman is on stage with Kid Rock, wearing a bikini and dancing around a pole.]
[Lindsay is walking away when she turns around, pissed off.]
[Stella is facing Frankie when suddenly he jumps.]
[...he goes flying in the air...
[...and lands on top of her. Stella screams.]
[Black and white shot. Stella opens her eyes. Her face is filled with blood.]
[Frankie drags her through the apartment.]
[He finds a gun and points it at her.]
[Stella looks at him, her options exhausted.]
[Screen fades. Stella screams.]


[The New York skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: NY. Hit drama. New episode Wednesday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new New York episode, head over to the official CSI: New York website .

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