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Tarantino To Direct 'CSI' Season Finale

By Christian
February 24, 2005 - 3:15 PM

Famous movie director Quentin Tarantino has officially signed on to direct the final episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's fifth season.

"He knows everything there is to know about CSI, and he is into the whole mythology of CSI," executive producer Carol Mendelsohn told the Hollywood Reporter. "Quentin came in a couple of weeks ago. We had a story meeting with the writers. He had a great idea, and it was so much fun to have him in the room. [...] We are positively giddy."

Besides taking the director's chair for the season finale, Tarantino has also come up with the story for the episode, in which one of the main characters will find themselves in great danger. "There will be more bugs and blood this time," Mendelsohn joked.

Tarantino's involvement with CSI was first reported two weeks ago, when George Eads (Nick Stokes) said he'd heard a rumour Tarantino would be directing an episode of the series. It now turns out Tarantino has been a fan of CSI since the show's first season, and finally agreed to helm an episode of the show after running into members of the CSI crew a few weeks ago while they were doing location shooting.

This will be the second television episode Tarantino has ever directed, after doing an episode of the first season of ER. He was also once planning to direct an episode of the X-Files, but had to pull out of that project as he was not a member of the Directors Guild of America, and the guild refused to give him a second waiver following the ER episode. It is not known whether Tarantino has now joined the Guild, or it has lifted its objections to non-members directing television episodes.

The CSI season finale will start filming in early April, and is scheduled to air on the 19th of May. The original report from the Hollywood Reporter can be read by following this link.

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