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TV Guide Channel Talks To 'Miami' Cast

By Carolina
September 23, 2005 - 9:21 PM

The TV Guide Channel visited the set of CSI: Miami to learn more about the show's fourth season.

In a segment that aired recently, the reporters of TV Guide talked to the cast of Miami to try and uncover some of the secrets of season 4. David Caruso revealed we'll see a more human side of Horatio Caine this season. "He is beginning to feel some of the cracks of his past," the actor said. "And he does have poise, I think he's affective in the job, but you're gonna start to see a little wear and tear. I think this man is carrying quite a bit, he has a lot on his plate, and it's gratifying to hear that you see some of that."

The season premiere of Miami saw the introduction of Natalia Boa Vista, a DNA analyst with a grant to work exclusively on cold cases. Eva LaRue, who plays Boa Vista, explained her character in a nutshell. "She's like a no crap-taker girl," said LaRue. "But, you know, I think she's also very, just, straight-forward and I think she's likeable, she's just not gonna put up with anybody's crap."

Boa Vista is the new girl on the block, but there's quite a few eyes set on her already. When the character introduced herself to Ryan Wolfe, the CSI noted her name was, "boa like the snake." Jonathan Togo is pushing for his character to get some snake action. "If that's what a snake looks like, then I wanna bone some snake!" the actor joked.

Togo, however, might have some competition. Actor Rex Linn (Det. Frank Tripp) also revealed he wouldn't mind if his character and Boa Vista developed a little romance. "Well, I am the sexual tension on the show," he said humorously. "So they'll probably bring her on, and then there'll be a fight between her and Calleigh - over me."

While in their fantasies Linn and Togo get to romance the new girl, Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) announced she would send her character in a very long vacation, complete with undertones of Three's Company. "Calleigh is going to go for a vacation to Hawaii, so I'm going to spend a good 19 or 20 episodes there," she joked. "And you'll just see me occasionally report in, on a cell phone."

Khandi Alexander's Alexx Woods will not be romanced, and she won't leave on a tropical vacation, but things might actually get serious with her. The character last season was kidnapped and nearly murdered, which is why we might see her learn a few self-defense tricks this season. "There may be an opportunity for [Alexx] to learn how to use a firearm to protect herself in the future," Alexander revealed. "So that would be kinda nice."

Visit CSI: Miami Online to see the rest of this video interview.

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