Watch A Preview Of Next Week's 'New York'

By Caillan
September 23, 2004 - 12:06 PM

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'CSI: New York' photo - courtesy CSI Guide, copyright CBS The promo for next week's all-new instalment of CSI: New York is now available for download online.

In the episode, entitled "Creatures of the Night", Stella Bonasera is hot on the case of a rapist who left a woman for dead after a brutal attack in Central Park. In the B-plot, Detective Mac Taylor and CSI Aiden Burn have a rodent problem on their hands.

The trailer is available for download from CSI Guide. For those of you with slower connections, here's a transcript:


[Close-up of Stella with police cars in the background.]
[A CSI works the evidence in the lab.]
[Close-up of Mac Taylor.]
[A man bends over in a subterranean cave.]
[Overhead shot of the Big Apple.]
[Text: 'CSI: NY']
[Robin Prescott runs through Central Park at night.]
[Robin gives out a cry as she runs past the camera.]


'CSI: New York' photo - courtesy CSI Guide, copyright CBS

[At the crime scene in Central Park, Stella bends down to get the lay of the land.]
[Text: 'Wednesday']
[A flock of birds flies past an apartment block.]
[Robin is wheeled into the hospital on a bed with a drip.]
Stella (off-screen): "She was in Central Park."
[The camera flies over Central Park.]
[Stella and Mac stand at the entrance to the park.]
Mac: "Looks like we got ourselves an 800-acre crime scene."
[Overhead shot of a grove of trees, with Stella crouched down in the middle.]
[Close-up of Stella as she shines her torch on a piece of evidence.]
[Flashback of Robin being attacked.]
[Stella draws herself up as she peers at the object.]
[An orderly walks down the hospital corridor pushing a trolley.]
[Danny Messer processes evidence back at the lab.]
Leonard Giles (off-screen): "Rapist didn't leave any DNA."
[Close-up of Robin's face as she is raped.]
[Dr. Giles delivers his verdict.]
Leonard Giles: "A perfect crime."
[Stella stands defiant in an open doorway.]
[Close-up of Stella.]
Stella: "There's no such thing."
[Flash cut to the New York sewers.]
[Close-up of a dead man's face with a torch shining at it.]
[Mac examines the body with Aiden Burn watching on.]
Mac: "Looks like something exited our entrance wound."
[A rat runs across the screen.]
[Mac stands in the morgue with Dr. Sheldon Hawkes as they go over the body.]
Mac: "You're telling me a rat ate the bullet."
[A rat scurries through a drainpipe.]
[Close-up of Hawkes.]
Hawkes: "This is where the story gets tasty."
[Mac looks up through a ventilation duct.]
[Aiden peers over the edge of the duct in search of the rat.]
[Cut to Mac down at the bottom.]
Mac: "Now all we have to do is trap it."
[A rat scurries towards the camera.]


[Text: 'CSI:NY - New Drama - Wednesday 10/9C']

The trailer can be downloaded from CSI Guide as a 2.44 MB AVI file.

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