'Bodies In Motion' On The CSI Season Premiere

By Christian
July 23, 2005 - 10:50 PM

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When CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns from its summer break in late September, the CSIs will work on two challenging cases involving an explosion in a trailer park and a beautiful girl who is found dead on the street -- while Gil Grissom spends some extra-curricular time trying to make sense of the events from last year's season finale.

CSI Files sources suggested today that the season six premiere, called "Bodies In Motion," will open with the two CSI teams working closely together after a nighttime explosion rocks a trailer park. The LVPD needs all available manpower to figure out what happened, and the trailer park residents aren't much help -- they were watching TV, or drinking, or just plain not interested. Captain Brass is getting frustrated. A man and his wife were killed when their trailer was blown pieces, and yet nobody noticed anything unusual? But then one of the neighbors standing around the wreckage butts in. Whoever the man was, he sure wasn't married to Selena, the woman who owned the trailer. She always had all sorts of men coming over -- just the kind of lifestyle that was eventually going to get her killed, if you ask the neighbor.

Brass doesn't ask, but at least he's got a lead. And right on time, too, as Catherine, Warrick and Vartann are called away to a murder scene elsewhere in town. They find a young woman with her head smashed in, wearing nothing but her underwear and... a pair of oversized rubber boots. The CSIs recognise the boots as those worn by the ciy's garbage collectors, and decide to pay the local garbage man a visit. He admits he broke regulations by giving the girl a ride and lending her his boots to get home, but says he he simply wanted to help the girl out after seeing her stumble barefoot in a really bad part of town. Now Catherine is left with three mysteries: who was this girl, what was she doing in one of the worst areas of Vegas, and why did she die anyway after escaping from there?

In the trailer park case, Brass, Sara and Nick identify the dead man as Robert Durgee -- happily married to a woman named Amber, who Brass will now have to go tell both that her husband is dead and that he was cheating on her. Meanwhile, Nick and Sara make a surprising discovery -- the man wasn't killed by the explosion, but rather by a small truck driving over him. Nick puts the truck's tire pattern in the computer, and retrieves a couple of vehicle models that match the tire. Then, on a hunch, he types in Amber Durgee's name into the vehicle registration database -- and finds that, yes, she owns precisely the kind of truck that killed her husband. It looks like Brass's courtesy visit may have to turn nasty...

Where is Gil Grissom in all this? For a while, he's helping out in the trailer park case, but for a large part of this episode, he's working with Archie Kao to figure some stuff out from last year's CSI season finale, "Grave Danger." Grissom has Archie analyze the tape that Walter Gordon left with Nick in his coffin, and they make the surprising discovery that Walter wasn't alone when he recorded the tape. Grissom asks Archie to keep this under the hood for now, but undoubtedly the investigation will continue for several episodes to come.

There's much more going on in "Bodies In Motion", including the return of some character-oriented storylines from last year. There's romantic tension between Grissom and Sara, as Sara still isn't getting any closer to the man she secretly loves. Plus there's professional tension between Grissom and Catherine, with Catherine's career seemingly taking a downturn again. And there's even a separate third case, in which Greg and Sofia work together to try and solve the murder of a pastry delivery girl found dead in her car. Want to know more? Then tune in this September for season six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation!

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Bodies In Motion" is expected to air in late September, 2005.

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