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CBS Releases 'Dead Ringer' Trailer

By Kristine
April 23, 2004 - 4:21 PM

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Last night, CBS released the trailer for next week's new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode, "Dead Ringer."

In this episode, the CSIs investigate the deaths of two contestants in the Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay. Both victims turn out to be officers of the law.

The 30-second promo is available for download from the official CBS web site. For those of you with limited bandwidth, here is a transcript of the trailer:

[Police cars driving, their lights flashing]
[Close up on a woman with short blonde hair]
Woman: "What the hell's going on in this town?"
[Flash of people gathering for the race]
[Close up on a dead cop]
Woman (off camera): "There's a dead cop in the desert."
[CSIs examining a crime scene at night in a field]
[Close up on a young brown-haired man with a black eye]
Young man: "Hey, I was here to race."
[Cop runs up to someone with a piece of evidence]
[Grissom examines desert ground while Catherine, next to him, points a camera ahead]
Catherine: "How many cops are in town this weekend?"
[Contestants celebrate]
[A group of contestants in red shirts cluster together]
Grissom (off screen): "Twenty thousand."
[A dark haired man behind bars in a jail leans back]
Catherine (off camera): "Every suspect's in law enforcement."
[One man lunges at another]
Man (off screen): "It's a good party."
[Shot of the party, with dancers, revelers, and a pool, from above]
[A man throws a glass at a wall and it shatters]
Man (off camera, appears later wearing a yellow shirt): "I'm gonna kill a guy..."
[A car races by and strikes another car]
[Nick, in glasses at an ATM, turns around in surprise]
Man (off camera, same man as before): "...I'm not gonna do it with twenty thousand cops around."
[Shot of a gathered crowd]
[Close up on man in a yellow shirt as he finishes speaking]
[Close up on Catherine]
Catherine: "It sounds like you've given this some serious thought."
[Close up on man in car with a gash on his head, looking dazed]
[Close up on young brown-haired man]
[Two runners race to the finish line]
[The one on the left breaks through the tape just before the one on the right]
[Close up on Catherine in a baseball cap]
Catherine: "We have a winner!"

To download the promo in Real Media format, please visit CBS.com.

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