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Shankar: We're Not Worried About Running Out Of Material

By Carolina
September 22, 2005 - 7:54 PM

Naren Shankar previewed the CSI premiere today with the news that the episode will serve as continuance of "Grave Danger."

"There will be a continuation of certain elements [of the finale]," the co-executive producer told JAM Television. The elements Shankar referred to are the emotional aspects of the case. "[Nick] will be going through the repercussions of what he went through. How does one person deal with things after such a terrible ordeal?"

But while the Quentin Tarantino episode will set the mood for the beginning of the season it will not remain the focus for long. The show is expected to return to its trademark ghastliness with cases focusing on extreme biting, a traveling executioner, and a man who eats himself to death.

Shankar admitted they get a lot of inspiration from real life. "Sadly, the number of crimes that occur is fairly high and the forensic techniques involved are all evolving very quickly," he said. "I certainly don't think we're going to run out of material anytime soon."

Nor are the producers worried about the show losing its stride, Shankar said. "I think the term 'jumping the shark' really refers to when a show gets absurd and ridiculous and loses credibility. The Tarantino episode was the kind of episode we wouldn't indulge in normally, a flat-out thriller with one of our people in jeopardy. We wanted to bring some of that thriller aspect forward and if we brought new eyeballs to the show, then that's great too."

Shankar also discussed the over-abundance of CSI-like shows, which continue to appear, and some just as easily disappear, every new season. "That's just the reality of the marketplace. There's no way to worry about what the other guy is doing. We're going to have imitators -- the key for us is to stay focused on evolving the storytelling and visual style and making really intriguing mysteries."

To read the rest of the interview, head over to JAM! Television.

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