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The Insider Visits The Set Of 'Game Over' With Tony Hawk

By Carolina
March 22, 2005 - 9:13 PM

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The Insider yesterday visited the set of CSI: Miami's latest episode, "Game Over", to talk to skateboarding legend Tony Hawk (Jake Sullivan ) about his guest-role on the show.

Hawk portrayed a video game tester who is murdered on the half-pipe platform used to program skateboarding games. "It's something I'm pretty familiar with, doing video games, so it's not a big stretch for me to be portrayed as a video game maker because I've done it before," said Hawk, whose character went through some renovations before the writers decided to turn him into a murder victim. "Originally it was going to be as the bad guy, which then progressed into being the dead guy. And usually the dead guy is the better guy to be on CSI because you're in there throughout the show."

In addition to showing off some of his famous skateboarding tricks on the show, Hawk had to do something he never does while he's on the ramp: lay real still. "Really, it's just more like you're sleeping, but you can't breathe, as they can't see your chest moving in and out. So as soon as the ACTION [imitates not breathing] and then it's like 'C'mon, do the dialogue, I gotta breathe, gotta breathe!'"

The skateboarder may have found those scenes a bit challenging, but cast member Khandi Alexander (Alexx Woods) was happy to have him on her autopsy table. "He was dead, he was still, he wasn't breathing. It was fabulous. He was great."

Some of the other actors were simply happy to have Hawk on the show. "I am a fan of Tony Hawk. I think Tony Hawk, I've been going around like, who's the one crew member that's going to freak out when they see Tony Hawk?" joked Jonathan Togo (Ryan Wolfe). "It's like meeting Santa Claus or the tooth fairy or Elvis."

The skateboarder enjoyed his time on the set of Miami, but when it came to the idea of becoming a full-time actor, Hawk had his reservations. "I love doing TV shows as much possible. It's hard for me to break away from anything that's skate-oriented, so this was a really obvious, easy thing to do," he added. "But in terms of branching out just for the acting, I like to stay with the skating."

To read the original article and see a video of Hawk on the set of Miami, visit The Insider

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