ALERT: Entertainment Tonight Previews 'Big Middle'

By Carolina
February 22, 2005 - 8:50 PM

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Tonight, Entertainment Tonight will once again give us a sneak peak at a CSI episode, but this time they head to Vegas, where they'll talk to the cast about a potentially offensive storyline in the upcoming "Big Middle".

The episode revolves around the murder of a young man who asphyxiates when a large object is placed on his chest and the evidence that promptly leads Grissom to a convention for plus-sized people. But despite the fact that the writers mirrored the episode after a real-life case, the actors were weary about the subject. "I was a little apprehensive about some of the dialogue initially," said Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders). "The stance my character was taking against women was slightly ignorant and judgmental. Luckily, a lot of that was changed, and given to the police man."

Plus-sized actress Debra Christofferson, who will guest-star as lingerie vendor Regina Kern, shared Szmanda's initial hesitation, until she saw the script. "I was apprehensive. Hollywood doesn't have a real good reputation of presenting plus-sized people in a positive light. I talked to the producers and they were very forthcoming in letting me know that there was going to be a positive portrayal."

Christofferson is not only grateful CSI will deal with the plot at hand in a tasteful manner, but for the possibility of opening doors for upcoming plus-sized actresses. "There are roles that are created for larger actresses, which is great, because then there's something that we can sink our teeth into. I would also like to see, however, more roles that are just cast that way because the person is a good actress. You know, like, okay, this has to be a blonde, I understand that, but how about, let's go a different way, let's do a brunette. And so if they thought of plus-sized people in that same way, then I'd be really happy."

A preview of tonight's ET segment can be found at the Entertainment Tonight official site, while the full segment will air tonight. To see when the show is scheduled to air in your area, head over to this page for a guide of local listings.

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