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Cast Of 'CSI' Reveals What's In Store For Season 6

By Carolina
September 21, 2005 - 12:33 PM

The new issue of TV Guide is set to uncover some of the secrets of season 6, as the cast members reveal what their characters will go through this new season.

The season finale "Grave Danger" put the characters of CSI, not to mention the fans, on pricks and needles, and showrunner Carol Mendelsohn revealed that may have been just the tip of the iceberg. "The ripple effects will continue," she said. "Just when you thought it was over, it's just beginning. What happened to Nick made them realize that life is short, sometimes shorter than they ever want to believe."

That translates into more emotional scenes for Nick Stokes as he tries to move on from the horrid events of "Grave Danger." George Eads, however, promised his character's emotional odyssey will be an isolated one. "What happened to Nick happened between him and the audience," he said. "The CSIs didn't see as much. I want to keep [his reaction] between him and the audience. If I get the shakes, I'll try to do it behind people's backs. I can say, 'I'll wait in the car,' and [the CSIs] will think, 'What does he mean?' Is he waiting in the car thinking about what happened?"

While Nick is trying to move on, other characters are moving forward. Recently, it was revealed Warrick Brown will return to the lab a married man, much to the surprise of his co-workers. Catherine Willows is expected to be the first to learn of this new development. Warrick's bride might also become a recurring character, which will most likely put an end to the Warrick-Catherine flirtation, the producers revealed. "They'll finally have that heart-to-heart a lot of fans have been waiting for. Catherine is thrown for a loop," said Mendelsohn.

Not only will Catherine lose her potential love interest, she will also lose her job, though voluntarily. Early this season the swing shift supervisor will have to choose between being boss and being with the people she loves. Willows decides to return to the night shift and will take her demotion surprisingly well. "She can relax a little bit now," Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows) revealed. "She's not having to watch her back as much. She will still carry the weight of a supervisor but not the responsibility."

The new season of CSI will surely profile the characters reactions to the events of the season finale, but if season 6 could be summarized in two words they surely are: Gil Grissom. "To some extent, this is a season about Grissom feeling [things]," said Mendelsohn, who recently promised fans will find out what makes Grissom the way he is. "[His connection to his CSIs] is a lot deeper than he'd ever imagined when we first began."

Grissom's confrontation with his feelings might also mean good news for Sara when a stay at a remote crime scene, and Greg's unbearable snoring, ends up with Grissom knocking on her hotel room door. "They spend the night together," Mendelsohn confirmed. "What happens after that, we won't say."

The new season of CSI will premiere this Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS. Pick up the September 25th issue of TV Guide to read more about the new season of CSI. Thanks go out to Al Forno for this!

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