'NY' Goes Center Stage In 'Dancing With The Fishes'

By Carolina
August 21, 2005 - 10:44 PM

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CSI: New York continues to deliver very "New York" storylines during its sophomore year. In the 5th episode, entitled "Dancing With The Fishes," Mac and Stella infiltrate the world of dance while Danny and Hawkes team up to try and solve a very fishy crime.

The episode begins late at night in the famous FDR Drive Northbound, according to CSI Files sources. Paul and Rebecca Zernecky are on their way home when they have a close encounter with a few daring motorcyclists. A Wall Street millionaire at an early age, Paul is pissed, but his wife wisely advices him to calm down. Bikers might be a reckless bunch, but Rebecca would like to get home in one piece. As they drive along the East River the night calms again. The river is known as a dumping ground for cadavers, but few New Yorkers have seen this occur first hand. It must be the Zerneckys lucky night, however, because as they continue their journey a body is thrown off the bridge above - only instead of landing in the water, the body lands on their windshield.

Stella arrives at the scene of the crime to encounter the body of a young woman, who has evidently suffered various stab wounds and is sporting peculiar cuts on the plant of her feet, all unrelated to her fall. She and Mac identify her as Kia Rose, a prominent dancer at the Alvin Ailey Dance Academy. According to her choreographer, Kia was the best dancer at the school, and her good looks combined with her talent were sure to win her a spot among the country's best dancers. But someone in the Academy may have been rooting for Kia to fail, as the CSIs soon discover the cuts on Kia's feet were the result of someone pouring shards of glass in her ballet shoes. Kia's determination was fierce, but so was the competition at the Academy. Knowing the inner workings of the human mind, Mac and Stella concentrate their efforts on one of the Academy's less talented students: Shayna.

But Shayna admits there were no harsh feelings between her and Kia, in fact, the two girls were best friends. Kia may have been the best student in the Academy, but everyone loved her nonetheless. She can't think of anyone who would want to hurt her. Mac lets Shayna go, but Stella is still reluctant. As she and Mac walk through the halls of the Academy she reveals she was once close to becoming a professional dancer, and still performs sometimes in the confines of her living room. Mac may be a little nave when it comes to the performing arts, but Stella is a pro, and knows how that in competitive dancing, friends easily turn into enemies. Was Kia simply the victim of a jealous student at the Academy, or is there more to this flexible crime?

In another part of town, Lindsay Monroe is working her first solo case in New York. The Montana native still isn't used to the New York attitude that is unleashed upon her, this time by a disgruntled Officer Geary, but the young CSI tries to brush it off with a bit of dry humor. She's investigating the death of Harold Claven, a 64-year-old tram driver who was found dead in his commuter tram. With no signs of a struggle or obvious physical wounds, Officer Geary is sure Harold died of a heart attack. Claven was only a few days away from retirement, he informs, but sometimes death can be impatient. Lindsay swabs Claven's body with Phenolphthalein, and reveals the presence of blood. The new CSI may not have the New York talk, but she certainly has the walk. Now, her abilities must help her figure out who would kill a 64-year-old tram driver who was only three days short of retiring.

Meanwhile, Danny and Hawkes investigate the death of Fred Bayliss, a fisherman whose body is found on Bruckner Boulevard. With a stab wound having entered the back and percolated through the front, it's clear to the CSIs that Bayliss was stabbed with a long knife or sword. But Bayliss's autopsy reveals an astounding discovery: the man wasn't stabbed with a knife, but with the nose of a swordfish. Swordfish are carnivorous, but they certainly do not roam the streets of New York stabbing people... unless they're easily resting in the hands of a murderer. Human beings never cease to amaze Hawkes, who now has to follow Danny into the world of fishermen to figure out who could be clever enough to use a fish as a lethal weapon.

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Dancing With The Fishes" will most likely air October of 2005.

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