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ALERT: Entertainment Tonight Visits The Set Of 'Miami'

By Carolina
February 21, 2005 - 4:23 PM

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In a segment that will air tonight, Entertainment Tonight will provide a sneak peak at CSI: Miami's new episode, "Nothing To Lose".

In this special 90-minute episode, a fire may have been deliberately started in the Everglades to cover up a murder, and when a set of prisoners is brought to the scene to help extinguish it and one of them escapes, Horatio and his team must follow suit before the convicted serial killer strikes. In typical Miami fashion: excitement will be the main plot of the night. "Yeah, a lot of fun over here today," Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) told ET. "The team ends up in the middle of a fire in the middle of the Everglades for the same reason that our team ends up anywhere: we have found a body."

"It was a real fire. It was a real fire all around us. And the first time, that we did a fire episode, we were very afraid that it was going to consume us. This time, it was a bit more under control, but it was real, this was not CGI, it was really happening," added Khandi Alexander (Alexx Woods) who, besides having to outrun a fire, also had to wrestle an alligator for an important piece of evidence: a body. "We had two alligators and they had to sit in a van until we were ready for them and they were blindfolded. So when they finally brought the gators out and took the blindfolds off, they were not happy, and I had to be out there, pulling the body out of the gator. That was an experience!"

The producers also revealed things will get personal for one of the CSIs tonight. When someone from the past shows up with some shocking news, Horatio Caine finds himself in the middle of a puzzling dilemma. "We have Horatio having to come clean about a secret that he has kept from someone he cares about," executive producer Elizabeth Devine said. "It's a very difficult secret, but he has to make a choice, because it could mean someone's life to tell the secret."

From fires to swamp chases to personal storylines, Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) promised the audience is in for a great ride. "This episode especially, we've done some exciting stuff.... airboat chases, alligators, fires going, helicopters, there's been so many things going on, that it's made it great, it's going to be a great episode."

A preview of tonight's ET segment can be found at the Entertainment Tonight official site, while the full segment will air tonight. To see when the show is scheduled to air in your area, head over to this page for a guide of local listings.

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