CBS Releases 'Under Suspicion' Promo

By Carolina
October 20, 2005 - 4:29 PM

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CBS Tuesday released the official promo video of the CSI: Miami episode "Under Suspicion."

In this intense episode, a murdered woman is discovered snf Horatio admits that he was seeing her and that he was the last person to see her alive. Although the evidence logically points to Horatio as the killer, our CSIs must now dig deeper to find the real killer and learn who would have the motive and the method to frame him. This episode was written by Sunil Nayar and Barry O'Brien.

The trailer is currently available for download at For those of you with slower connections, here's a full transcript with screen caps of the trailer.

CSI – Gum Drops [Horatio, Tripp, and Alexx stand on a riverbank, overseeing a body. Alexx examines it.]
[She turns to Horatio.]
Alexx: "Horatio, you know her?"
[Horatio looks at her.]
Horatio: "I was with her two nights ago."
[Flashback: Horatio and his girlfriend are having a romantic dinner, drinking wine.]
[Flashback: Horatio holds one of the wine glasses and leaves his fingerprint behind.]
Horatio: "And right now I'm your only suspect."


[A red car speeds down the road.]
[Its tires blow out and it goes out of control.]
[The woman driving it tries to control it, but it's no use.]
[The car heads straight towards the river.]
[Calleigh examines the scene.]
Calleigh: "This doesn't make any sense, there should be a lot more blood.]
[A crane fishes the red car out of the water.]
[Close-up of the car, the front fender is completely destroyed.]
[Flashback: Someone is holding a knife down.]
[Ryan examines the primary crime scene, Horatio's girlfriend's apartment.]
Ryan: "The killer is an expert at crime scene clean-ups."
[Someone tips a test tube full of blood over.]
[Horatio watches as a police car speeds away, he can't be a part of this investigation.]
[Delko photo documents the crime scene as Wolfe watches.]
[Delko photographs the murder weapon, a knife.]
CSI – Gum Drops [The knife contains a fingerprint on it.]
[Flashack: A woman screams as she's stabbed to death.]
[The killer ignores her and continues to stab her violently.]
[There's a woman hiding inside a closet.]
Woman: "So you're putting me back in a closet?"
[She looks peeks outside, Horatio is there, looking in.]
[At the lab, Wolfe is working on a fingerprint.]
[Back by the riverbank, Alexx addresses Horatio.]
Alexx: "A murder like this is personal."
[As Calleigh stands and talks to someone, a red beam is pointed at her neck.]
[A man stands behind a car, the source of the red beam. Could be a gun or a laser pointer.]
[Shot of the outside of a building, someone chucks something into the garbage bin.]


[A car speeds a way, and the wheel slams against a wall as it does, leaving an impression.]
[A man is sliding down a chute, possibly leading to the garbage bin.]
[Horatio is interrogated, he lowers his head, emotionally drained.]
[He stands outside, talking to a brunette woman.]
CSI – Gum Drops [A computer spews out an address.]
[Horatio is inside what looks like a warehouse now, he punches a man.]
[Tripp and company storm in, guns drawn.]
Tripp: "Miami-Dade police, stay right where you are.]
[But it might be too late, Horatio is standing over a puddle of blood.]
[Calleigh addresses Horatio.]
Calleigh: " need you to tell me the truth, Horatio."


[The Miami skyline.]
[Text-over: 'CSI: Miami. New Episode – Monday 10/9c.']

To view the trailer of this new episode, head over to the official CSI: Miami website.

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