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Eva LaRue Enjoys Creating Tension In 'Miami'

By Carolina
September 20, 2005 - 6:50 PM

CSI: Miami's new face, Eva LaRue (Natalia Boa Vista), is all confidence and tenacity on camera, but the actress recently admitted to being apprehensive about joining Miami.

"I was nervous about coming into an established show," the actress told Scott Juba at The Trades. "It has such a huge following, and because this is their fourth season, I thought that maybe they wouldn't be very open to a new person, but they have been so warm and lovely and welcoming."

LaRue joined the show as Natalia Boa Vista, a new DNA Analyst who's only permitted to work on cold cases. This will create tension around the lab, the writers hope. "My little tension area with the rest of the cast is that my character is only allowed to work on cold cases," LaRue explained. "They're going to want to use all my toys for their current cases, and they can't."

The California native is no doubt having an easy time adjusting to the show, and while she considers herself a huge fan of Miami she has no qualms admitting she never saw an episode prior to joining the cast. "I had never seen it before, and then they sent me the whole first season, and I became a junkie. Now I'm watiting for my second season to come in the mail. I feel left hanging in the lurch waiting to find out what's going to happen next season."

LaRue will be added to the opening credits of Miami later in the season, a reflectionn of her favorite thing about the show: the stability. "CSI: Miami is an aura about it," she revealed. "It's like working in another realm. Itís not like [working on] shows that are struggling to stay on the air. There's always nervous tension on shows like that. CSI: Miami has none of that. They're very confident, and they know exactly what they're doing. It's lovely."

To read the rest of the interview, in which LaRue talks about her experiences on daytime and primtime, visit The Trades.

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