Taylor Takes On A Union

By Kristine
July 20, 2004 - 8:24 PM

The second episode of CSI: New York's first season opens with a bang--literally. An explosion in an underground tunnel sends union workers running--leaving a dead body behind in the upcoming episode "A Man a Mile."

CSI Files sources revealed that the dead man was a union worker named Pete Riggs. But Pete didn't die in the explosion; he was dead before it happened. It appears that Pete suffocated. He also has some unusual injuries: a dislocated finger and and a fractured bone in his right hand.

While Mac looks into Pete's murder, Stella and Aiden are investigating the strangling of a high school girl, Hannah Recchi. Stella and Aiden head to Hannah's tony high school to look through her locker and talk to her friends, Melissa and Tina. The girls are baffled by the murder; everyone liked Hannah.

Mac and Danny's search leads them to Al McGowan, a fellow union worker of Pete's whose boot has some of Pete's blood on it. Al admits to scuffling with Pete during a dispute about the Rangers, but nothing more until Mac notes a wound on Al's ear that looks like a bite mark. Al claims Pete bit him during the scuffle.

Al tells Mac and Danny that he and his fellow workers owe everything they have to Sandhog Union. He also says members of the union protect each other. When Mac points out that it was a fellow union worker who left Pete down in the tunnel, Al clams up.

Mac takes an impression of the bite mark on Al's ear, but when he and Danny analyze it in the lab, it doesn't match Pete's jaw. Mac realizes Al is covering for someone....

Please note that these plot details have not yet been confirmed by Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour from an unofficial source. The information comes from an early draft of the script and aspects of the episode may change before it goes to air.

"A Man a Mile" will likely air in September or October 2004.

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