'CSI' Moves To Universal Studios

By Carolina
May 20, 2005 - 11:39 PM

The 6th season of CSI may not look different to the naked eye, but this summer, the show's soundstage will be moving from the Santa Clarita Studios in Valencia to Universal Studios in Universal City, California.

The town of Santa Clarita has been playing the part of Las Vegas for five years on CSI due to the its similarities to the outskirts of Vegas. Many of the town's landmarks, including the Valencia Town Center, the College of the Canyons, and the Hyatt Valencia, also made regular appearances on the show. "For us, it's been fantastic," Santa Clarita's film administrator Jason Crawford said. "For years, we have the No. 1 TV show based here in Santa Clarita."

But at the end of the 5th season, the heads of CSI decided to bid Santa Clarita farewell. The producers are currently moving the entire soundstage into the Universal Studios in Universal City, California. A reason for the move has yet to be revealed, but to Crawford, it's clear it all comes down to business. "It had nothing to do with leaving Santa Clarita per se as opposed to going to a big studio lot."

Now that CSI is gone, the Santa Clarita Studio is awaiting the arrival of a new show. But in the meantime, the people of Santa Clarita are saddened to see the show go. Not only was the production of CSI beneficiary to the town's revenues, it was also involved in many of Santa Clarita's charity events. "We still expect to see them shooting on location," Crawford added. "But they won't be based in a studio here any more, which is very much a disappointment for us."

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