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By Carolina
April 20, 2005 - 11:59 PM

  • According to Variety CSI: Miami mantained its number one title on Monday night with 19.3 million viewers overall and 6.7 rating/17 share in adults 18-49. "Killer Date" surpassed the combined numbers for ABC's Supernanny (8.7 million viewers) and a rerun of NBC's Medium (7.8 million).

  • The official Emily Procter website has added a blurb that recently appeared on People Magazine in which Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) revealed the special effects department sometimes uses food in order to create body parts and fluids. "Sometimes our makeup artist uses chocolate powder to make a thick blood," Procter says. "Once we had a large pool in a garage, and my glove got into it. Without thinking, I licked my finger. Everyone was like, 'Emily, don't lick the evidence!'"

  • Seems actor Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) can't get enough of his fans. The actor recently added a feature to his website where fans can e-mail him with comments about his performance on the show. This week, Giovinazzo wants to know how fans felt about the final scene of "Crime and Misdemeanor". E-mail your comments to Giovinazzo through his official website.

  • Screen caps of the CSI episode "4 x 4" can now be found at Erica's CSI Caps.

  • Screen caps of the same episode are also available at Jorja Fox Online, focusing primarily on Sara Sidle.

  • The third season of CSI: Miami will soon be seen in South Africa, according to TV Tome. Fans can catch the new episodes on M-Net at 20:30 on Tuesdays. For more information, visit the network's official website.

  • Smrt TV recently analyzed the parallels between the use of pant suits by female characters and the evolution of gender equality. One of the characters under the website's microscope is none of other than CSI front-woman Catherine Willows. "While Catherine Willows may have invested in a super secret brand of Scotchguard, for the most part, the clothing seems to fit the job. It's professional, it's moveable and it takes women out of the realm of sex object and puts them firmly into the world of squad member."

  • US News recently published a very informative article on The CSI Effect, or the high expectations the general public has come to develope from watching CSI. Real-life officials see it as a problem, "Jurors expect it to be a lot more interesting and a lot more dynamic," said Barbara LaWall, an Arizona county prosecutor. "It puzzles the heck out of them when it's not."

  • The Age recently ran a piece that compares all three CSIs and attempts to deduce which one is best. According to writer Brian Courtis, the original flavor came out triumphant. "The best is, without doubt, the original. Gil Grissom knows where all the bodies lie, understands the psychological games of a Hannibal Lector without the need to flick on or off his sunglasses, or, for that matter, take a midnight mass. Horatio and Mac are shadows of the real thing." Thanks to Elyse for this!

  • Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders) has withdrawn his name from the special reading of Casablanca, which will be presented May 1 at California's Pantages Theatre. The reading will benefit the Actors' Fund of America. Thanks to Elyse for the report.

  • Screen caps of CSI: New York's Crime and Misdemeanor" can be now found at Past My Shoulder.

  • The German CSI: Miami 1.2 DVD release will be replaced by the DVD company, as due to a production error "Radioactive" wasn't fully included. For those of you who purchased the set, click here for information on how to get it replaced.

  • According to Car Culture, the Hummer wasn't correctly presented in the CSI 4 x 4, but the franchise gets points for the vehicle's great portrayal on CSI: Miami.

  • The Daily News recently ran a piece criticizing CSI's gratuitous shots. "'Corpses R Us' might be an alternate title for these forensic dramas that exchange a fleshless Freddy Krueger for grotesque shots of bodies lying in various states of disrepair - either at the crime scene or atop an autopsy table. Close-ups of no-longer-vital organs being probed for admissible evidence prompts visceral reactions from viewers no longer aroused by gratuitous shots of animate mammary glands."

  • Teenagers in Cincinnati recently got a feel of what solving a fake murder using real crime scene investigation techniques is really like. Real life officers got to watch as the young students attempted to solve a crime and at the same time learn what a real investigation demands. Many of the students admitted to being CSI fans.

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