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Zuiker: ‘I Always Had A Sense That I Would Do Something Great.’

By Deborah
December 19, 2006 - 1:26 AM

CSI mastermind Anthony Zuiker recently gave a fascinating interview dealing with a host of topics not often covered, including life and death, his views on life after death and his sense of destiny.

Zuiker believes the CSI shows are about life after death, in a sense. “It’s about death in terms of everybody will die. When you die, there are scientists that have the technology, the smarts and the brainpower and the work ethic to decode what has happened to you without ever being there when it happened,” he says. And it’s about life in that “it really shows you how precious life is. In terms of being here on earth, sense of community on earth, sense of peace and wellbeing and that good and evil does exist in life, and when evil happens to overcome good in life, and it crosses over to death, you do have a voice. The body is a voice. Biologicals, hair follicles, blood, bruising, DNA, hair, teeth, organs – everything, if you look at it, is specifically designed to give perfect clues as to what happened to it that’s not normal, to give investigators a head start to catching a killer, and that’s why the human body in my opinion is the perfect specimen and what makes the franchise so intriguing.”

“My view on life after death,” says Zuiker, “is I feel like without getting too religious I feel like it should all be equal, because there was no concrete rules about what happens after death, nobody said, ‘Look you’re going to start your life now, here are the rules. You can’t kill, you can’t this, can’t that.’ I just feel like everybody should end up in the same place and hopefully there’s lessons to be learned there, rather than you go up to heaven if you’re good, you go down if you’re bad.”

Zuiker always believed he would do something great. That he would have an impact on the world. His goal in life is to go down as a great creator and he feels CSI is a heck of a good start. “It has definitely changed the world and changed television, and TV can never go back to what it was after CSI. It will always be feature television and evolve from that point on,” says Zuiker.

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