'New York' Goes Train Surfing In 'Wasted'

By Carolina
December 19, 2005 - 12:01 PM

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Mac investigates the murder of a young boy who appears to have gone train surfing, while Stella looks into the death of a doctor whose liking for alternative medicine proved fatal in "Wasted."

Rusty William's body is found on one of the train tracks' of New York's subway system. His head has been smashed and his body is full of steel dust. Mac and Danny are working the case, and though they rarely have to deal with cases like these they can recognize them almost immediately. It appears Rusty wasn't a dump job, but a train surfer, and his dangerous hobby has finally caught up with him in this episode of CSI: New York.

Train surfing is a dangerous activity that involves clinging to the outside of a moving train. The intention is to jump off either before the train goes too fast, or after it has slowed down again. Practitioners are usually teenage boys, who very often succumb to collisions with poles and viaducts/tunnels, electrocution from an electrified overhead wire or third rail, falling off, not properly landing when jumping off, and getting stuck between the train and a station platform.

Rusty's injury is consistent with a tunnel collision, but upon closer look the CSIs discover Rusty's head wound was caused by something else, or rather, someone else, and he was then thrown off the train. Danny and Hawkes visit Rusty's roommate, Perry Lohmann, who is shocked to find out his friend is dead. The night before, Perry and Rusty had been drinking, and the two became so drunk Perry doesn't even remember what they'd done. Danny wonders if the two had gone train surfing, but his guess is as good as Perry's – the only thing the young boy remembers is being thrown out of a bar by a disgruntled bouncer.

Mac visits Slippery When Wet, a high-end bar on Broadway. Vinnie Granice, the bouncer, remembers Rusty and Perry very well. The two boys had been obnoxiously drunk the night before, spilling people's drinks and generally bothering the other patrons. Vinnie admits he taught the boys a lesson before throwing them out, and is completely unsympathetic when he's told Rusty is dead. Mac finds an axe handle on the bar, and there are traces of blood in the wood. He wonders if this lesson of Vinnie's involved smashing Rusty's head with it, but Vinnie claims he's innocent. Mac takes the axe handle with him for analysis, but when Vinnie is exonerated the CSIs must go back to where it all started: the tracks.

While the boys are busy looking into Rusty's death, Stella and Lindsay investigate the murder of Dr. Rachel Jeffries, who was found in the alley by her office with a single shot gun wound to the chest. The case should be closed by lunch, since the shooter, Paul Richmond, has confessed to the crime. Unfortunately for Stella and Lindsay, nothing is every easy in this line of work.

At the morgue the ladies make an interesting yet disturbing discovery – Dr. Jeffries's body is full of leeches, placed there by her killer as a message. According to Paul, Jeffries was no ordinary doctor. She'd promised to cure him of his fatal illness using alternative medicine, in this instance, placing leeches on his body to suck the poisoned blood out. Hopeful that the treatment would work, Paul gave Jeffries all his money, until he found himself broke and still ill. That's why he killed her. But as the girls continue the investigation they realize Paul doesn't look good for this murder. It's clear he's covering for someone, but who and why?

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details and the airing order of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Wasted" will most likely air during January of 2006.

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