CBS Challenges Fans to Solve 'Miami' Cases

By Kristine
November 19, 2003 - 10:41 AM

Viewers who have longed to help Horatio Caine solve tough cases now have the opportunity to join in the crime solving as launches a new interactive feature.

The official web site now allows viewers to gather evidence and solve the crimes on CSI: Miami as the episodes air. Fans are able to watch the show and participate in the game at the same time, which offers them the chance to solve the case as the CSIs do, or perhaps even before. The CSI: Miami website also features an extensive guide to the tools, evidence and procedures used by the CSI team, which can aid fans during the race to get a lead in a case.

The "Weekly Web Investigation" section queries the viewer's knowledge of the technical details of the CSI investigations and lab. "Evidence Tracker" gathers the clues and data together, while "Crack the Case" offers questions the viewers — and the CSIs on the show — must solve in order to wrap up the case.

Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Interactive Ventures at CBS, David Katz, noted the groundbreaking nature of the partnership between the three companies. "This is the only interactive drama series on network television, and passionate fans of the show will really enjoy the chance to get more immersed in the cases and to receive more in-depth information on the tools, techniques and procedures used by the investigators," he said.

Scott Newman, the CEO of GoldPocket, the company behind the new interactive feature, added, "[CBS recognizes] the appeal of interactivity for an intense, technology friendly show like CSI: Miami." In addition to the excitement of participating in solving the case as the show airs, viewers are also eligible to win prizes such as DVD players, and even a walk-on role in the show.

Fans can visit CSI:Miami at CBS's official website to try their hand at solving the CSI cases every Monday night when the show airs at 10pm Eastern/9pm Central time.

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