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Entertainment Tonight Uncovers 'CSI: Miami' Secrets

By Michelle
September 19, 2005 - 2:49 PM

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CSI: Miami has its fourth season premiere tonight in an episode that starts with a literal bang, as a man flings open the lid to a coffin and sprays gunfire at the funeral crowd. And that's just the beginning of the upheaval in "From the Grave."

As Entertainment Tonight's Mark Steines reported during his set visit, the series has undergone many changes, with star Sofia Milos (Yelina Salas) having left while Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) and Rex Linn (Frank Tripp) have joined the cast as series regulars. La Rue will play a new DNA analyst, brought in specifically to work on cold cases, while Linn's dour character has been recurring on the show for several seasons.

"We completed a three-year arc...and we are literally beginning a new saga with the show," explained David Caruso (Horatio Caine). "This is the beginning of brand-new information. This is a very competitive environment. Network television is a great place to be right now, and you need to come out of the gate blasting, and I think we do with this episode."

In "From the Grave", Caine takes confession from a cardinal who is one of very few people to know about a deadly crime in the lieutenant's past. "The interesting thing is, as personalities the characters on the show are drawn to specific work and sometimes they carry pain and sadness which is a part of this job," noted Caruso. "In this episode, you get a lick of another ice cream cone, which gives you information about a deeper past and a little more darkness than we were anticipating."

"I say it is pretty cool," added the actor, who promised a different tone than the past three years. "This is a very serious group of people that we are after," he explained of the Mal Noche gang, which puts out a contract on Caine's life after he vows to punish them for the shootings at the funeral. Caruso believes the gang is meant to reflect the intensity and danger of the world at the moment. "This is a level above the normal activity. These are very dangerous people. They are not afraid to kill law enforcement officers at the blink of an eye."

The fourth season of CSI: Miami debuts tonight, Monday, September 19th, at 10 p.m. Eastern time on CBS. This set visit report is from ET Online.

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