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By Kristine
April 19, 2004 - 6:40 PM

Hello World!

After waiting a week and a half for the latest installment of 24, Fox aired what will most likely be the most heart-pounding, suspenseful and agonizing episode of the season last night. If you haven't seen 6am-7am of Day 3 of 24 (and what came before it!), beware spoilers!

In 24's three seasons, each season seems to have an episode that stands out from the rest for some chilling reason or another. In first season, it was the heartbreaking final episode, where Jack managed to defeat the villianous Drazens, only to return to CTU to find the dead body of his pregnant wife, killed by a mole who had been working undercover at CTU. In season two, the unforgettable episode came around the middle of the season, when Jack had discovered the nuclear bomb he'd been pursuing, and, in an act of the kind of self-sacrifice we've come to expect from Super Agent Bauer, volunteered to fly a plane with the bomb on it to an unpopulated area. As we know, the dying CTU director, George Mason, bailed him out at the last minute, but that didn't make the image of the explosion any less powerful.

Which brings us to last night's episode. At the beginning of the episode, Jack receives a call from President Palmer who relays that the bioterrorist Saunders is demanding Ryan Chappelle be killed and his body delivered in one hour or Saunders will release a deadly virus that is already ravaging guests at a luxury hotel in downtown Los Angeles. Per usual, Jack and CTU are in a race against time, this time to find Saunders before the hour passes and Saunders' deadline arrives.

A trace on a bank account brings momentary hope, but when Jack's partner Chase shoots his way in, he discovers only a remote transponder. Saunders is nowhere near, and the deadline has arrived. Jack has to kill Chappelle. And he does--in a scene so agonzing, so unforgettable that 24 fans are still in shock. Any other show likely would have delivered a last-minute save, or at least spared the hero, Jack, from having to shoot an innocent man by having Chappelle take his own life. Chappelle asked to, and he tried, but he couldn't do it. He had to hand the gun back to Jack. And as unendurable and horrifying a moment as it was, the audience couldn't look away. Hopefully, those who are claiming 24 has lost its lustre caught this episode. Seeing it was a reminder that this show still delivers consistantly surprising and moving drama.

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Tonight, CBS will air a new episode of CSI: Miami entitled "The Oath". Here is TV Guide's description of the episode:

    A police officer collapses and dies after pulling over a car, and the investigation reveals he was murdered. Horatio grows suspicious when Internal Affairs gets involved in the case, leading him to believe that the killing wasn't a random crime. Also: Calleigh aids an abused woman who is living with one of the suspects in the probe, and Yelina begins dating Horatio's nemesis who is heading up the Internal Affairs inquiry.

On Thursday, CBS will air a rerun of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations's episode "Suckers". Here is TV Guide's summary of the episode:

    Grissom investigates a twist-filled case in which a priceless 17th-century Japanese samurai sword is stolen from a Vegas hotel. In the northern part of the city, Catherine and Warrick probe the death of a woman who appears to have been bitten by a vampire and her blood consumed by her attacker.

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