'CSI' Seeks An Authentic Club Vibe

By Rachel
October 18, 2008 - 12:30 AM

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation goes for global appeal.

The Halloween episode of CSI, "Let It Bleed", will get a dose of mood music courtesy of DJ Paul Edge. He will play a DJ on the show, and the episode will feature three of his songs: an electronic reworking of the Stone Temple Pilots' "Sex Type Thing", along with two original songs, "Release Yourself" and "LSDevil". "Being that CSI is set in Las Vegas, that helps play a role in choosing the music," producer Phil Conserva told Artist Direct.

"Las Vegas is a worldwide destination," Conserva continued, "and I like the fact that Paul's a U.K. DJ. America may not be tuned into that music so much, and we are a show that's an international success. I want to be able to show that we're a global series. That's a big part of what I get to do: open up the catalog and have the world reflect on it. Nothing transcends better than music."

Edge described filming a club scene as very different than the experience of being in a real club. "That said, what CSI is doing with the scene is pretty remarkable," he explained. "They've tried to create a really good reproduction of what happens in a club with the music and the footage. The television medium has never gotten the sleaziness of clubs right—and I don't mean 'sleaze' in a bad way, I mean 'sleaze' in a good way. On television it's always been very plastic, but CSI doesn't approach filming like a normal television show; they're more cinematic in their style. I think CSI has pushed the envelope in respect to the club footage. They got the right vibe. They spent a lot of time on it, and that's really commendable."

"CSI has always pushed the envelope visually," Edge continued. "From my perspective, it was CSI's edge that appealed to me. There aren't many shows out there on television that accomplish what they do, and I'm very proud that CSI had faith in me. This is not mainstream music, and after nine seasons, CSI is still one of TV's biggest shows because it has that cutting edge."

The original interviews are from Artist Direct. "Let It Bleed" will air October 30 on CBS.

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