'Miami' Investigates A Death By Train

By Kristine
August 18, 2004 - 4:14 PM

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A young woman is rushing for the train carrying two handfuls of shopping bags. She looks distressed as she pushes by other commuters. The woman heads towards the platform, but instead of stopping, she plunges off it, right in the path of the oncoming train in the upcoming CSI: Miami episode "Under the Influence."

CSI Files sources recently revealed details about the fourth episode of Miami's third season. The CSI team arrives on the scene, and Horatio quickly determines the woman was pushed in front of the Metrorail. After all, he notes, who would buy hundreds of dollars of clothes if she wasn't planning to wear them?

Alexx examines the mangled body of the woman. Almost every bone in her body is broken. When she was thrown from the platform, she hit the track and then was struck by the train. The Metrorail began to slow to a stop, but first it dragged the woman's body with it. Her body was dragged seventy feet.

Puzzlingly, no wallet or identification is found on the woman. Yelina quickly determines the answer when a shoplifter named Pete is found and detained by security. He has the young woman's wallet, and her driver's liscense identifies her as Katrina Hannagan. Pete held her up on an elevator with what she assumed was a gun but was actually a laser pointer. Pete admits to taking her wallet, but he says he never pushed her. The security cameras confirm Pete's story: he was apprehended far from the tracks a mere two minutes after Katrina hit the train.

Alexx examines Katrina's body and discovers bruising that had occurred before she fell from the station platform. Horatio immediately suspects a boyfriend, and goes off to find Katrina's.

He tracks down the man, Jay Seaver, at his office. Seaver dismisses their relationship, saying it was casual and that they'd been seeing each other on and off. He says he knew Katrina had some bad guys in her past, and tells Horatio to check with them. Horatio doesn't like the man.

Alexx drops another bombshell on Horatio when she informs him that Katrina was four weeks pregnant. Horatio thinks it could be a motive, but Seaver insists he had no idea.

Meanwhile, Calleigh is called to The Whisky Bar, a frequent haunt of her father. Shawn Burke, the bartender says Duke Duquesne was at the bar last night, but he left before Shawn could call him a cab. The problem is compounded when it looks like Calleigh's father might be implicated in a murder...

CSI Files sources have also learned a few details about the character who might replace Tim Speedle on CSI: Miami. After Speedle is killed in the first episode of the season, "Lost Son", a young officer named Ryan Wolfe (or Ryan Sands) might be stepping up to the plate. Tough on criminals, Ryan is also a thoughful man who contemplates his predecessor's fate as he chooses a new locker at the CSI offices.

Please note that these plot and character details have not yet been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The information comes from an early draft of the script and aspects of the episode may change before it goes to air.

"Under the Influence" will likely air in October, 2004.

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