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Sofia Milos Talks Horatio-Yelina Tension

By Carolina
April 18, 2005 - 10:12 PM

CBS.com recently talked to actress Sofia Milos (Yelina Salas) on the set of CSI: Miami, where the actress admitted one of her favorite storylines so far is the indefinable relationship between Horatio and Yelina.

"That's why I came on the show first is to bring their personal lives in there," the actress revealed. "A lot of people ask me about when are these two getting together, well, I don't think it's about the consummation of things it is about tasting the food, it's about the journey. And it's very much so it's been that way and it will be that way for a while. There's gonna be a lot of conflict, there's a lot of ramification throughout the season and will be for the season finale and also for next season. I think that's what makes it juicy."

Milos began her career as a model, which gave her the opportunity to pay for her education in business school and travel. After seeing the world, the actress settled in California, where her desire to connect with people made her easy prey to the acting bug. "I think I always wanted to create an effect, I wanted to touch an individual, and print work only went so far. So I needed to speak, and I spoke [...] On a show that we have, CSI: Miami, seen in so many countries and appreciated in so many countries puts me in communications in so many people and that is why I'm doing it. I think that's why any artist does what they do, to be in communication."

The opportunity to communicate with the female audience is one of the things Milos loves about her character, as well as the strength Yelina Salas possesses. "I think a lot of women can identify with Yelina because she's a mother, she's a single mother," the actress said. "But she's also a strong woman, she's a detective, a homicide detective, and so she's very strong, she's very business-like. But she hasn't lost everything about her, which is about being a woman. You don't have to turn into a man or be masculine to be strong and to be believable and to be credible in your strength. You can be very feminine, and you can be vulnerable, and you can be a mother and you can be a detective. So I think the fact that she has so many aspects makes it very interesting for me."

The rest of the interview, in which Milos talks about her first roles and the actors who most inspire her, can be seen as a streaming RealMedia file at CBS.com.

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