'CSI: Miami's' Episode Four Revealed

By Carolina
August 17, 2005 - 6:51 PM

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The fourth season of CSI: Miami continues to focus on the characters' inner struggles. This time, Detective Frank Tripp faces the consequences of his harsh interrogation techniques during the show's fourth episode of the season.

According to CSI Files sources, the episode begins with a heated foot chase. 23-year-old Tobey Hollins is running away from the police. His body is smeared with blood, but not his blood. Propelled by shock he flees from the many officers and search dogs in his wake, but his youthful energy isn't a match to Frank Tripp's many years of expertise. The older man advances on Tobey with ease and tackles him to the ground. Tobey looks frightened, the blood on his body contradicting his baby-face features, but Tripp cuffs him and sends him away without a second thought. They're all starting to look the same.

The officers trace Tobey's steps backwards and Horatio and Delko arrive at the alleged scene of the crime, a 40-foot sail boat at the marina. There are a series of blood smears on the deck, evidence that someone either stumbled or fled from the scene quickly, but the CSIs make the most startling discovery in the cabin below. The body of 38-year-old Patrice Bouzan rests on the floor, bikini clad and surrounded by pools of blood. Horatio finds a gun a few feet away from the body and Delko a palm print among a set of blood spatters on the wall. With the weapon still at the scene, the palm print, and their main suspect already in custody this should be an easy case to solve.

Back at the police station, Tripp sits with Tobey in the interrogation room. Tired and bewildered by the events of the day, Tobey explains Patrice Bouzan is one of his customers. According to Tobey, his job is to detail boats and he was merely beginning another day of work when he found Patrice dead. But Frank doesn't buy it. Two witnesses saw Tobey fleeing the boat, covered in blood. Tobey maintains he ran out of fear; to Tripp, this sounds just like the many weak alibis he's heard during his many years in the force. Tobey's stance quickly crumbles in the face of Tripp's unyielding accusations. A little boy against an old and pertinacious cop, it seems like an unfair match. Tripp hands Tobey a piece of paper and a pen and coaxes him to write a confession. Convinced that there is no hope, Tobey complies.

Frank proceeds to book Tobey. The young man's personal belongings are taken away from him, his request for a meal and a phone call ignored. He's escorted away to jail; his first time ever in the "big house." Even the correction officers can tell Tobey won't last a day in prison and their suspicions are confirmed instantly. Once inside, the inmates quickly take advantage of Tobey's easy going demeanor. They harass him, steal his food, and assault him, even break his hand. Tobey tries to keep his chin up and make peace with some of the inmates, but when he continues to get beaten up and is eventually raped, his spirits quickly sour and break.

Back at the lab, the CSIs find the gun used to kill Patrice was registered to her husband Michael Bouzan. Horatio and Tripp talk to Michael, who confesses he and Patrice are going through a divorce and Patrice is selling the boat. This sounds like good motive to Horatio – money always becomes cause for tribulation during a divorce, but Michael maintains the split was amiable. Further investigation also suggests Patrice was with more than one person when she was killed. Tripp is desperate to believe the evidence is wrong, but if one thing is certain it's the fact that the evidence is seldom erroneous, and this time it indicates Tobey might be innocent after all. Could Frank Tripp's forceful interrogation have ruined a young man's life forever? And how will Tripp deal with the guilt that quickly surfaces when he learns of Tobey's experiences in jail?

Please note that the above plot details have not been confirmed by CBS, Alliance Atlantis or Bruckheimer Films, and until such time you should treat this information as you would any other rumour. The above information comes from early script drafts and the details of the episodes are liable to change before the episodes are shown.

"Episode 4" will most likely air October of 2005. The title of this episode has not yet been revealed.

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