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Official 'Killer Date,' 'Hollywood Brass' Details

By Christian
April 17, 2005 - 8:33 AM

CBS has released the official plot, creative staff & guest cast information for the two new CSI episodes airing this week.

First up on Monday at 10:00pm is CSI: Miami's "Killer Date." Here's what you can expect from the episode:

Horatio's life is changed forever when he learns important information about his deceased brother. Horatio must now figure out what to do with this information about his brother, Raymond, and whether or not to tell Yelina. Meanwhile, the team investigates when a woman is murdered at a crowded bar after she's approached by a female employee of a service that helps men pick-up women. Also, when Delko loses his badge after some reckless behavior and it's used in a crime, he must locate the badge before it's used again.

This episode, which was originally known as "Death Bed," was directed by Karen Gaviola, who this season also helmed Miami's "Pro Per" and "Crime Wave," and crossed over to New York to direct "Tanglewood." Writing duties were shared between Elizabeth Devine ("Lost Son," "Crime Wave") and John Haynes ("Pro Per," "One Night Stand").

CSI Files' own Kristine Huntley was present during the filming of part of this episode. Photos from one of the episode's locations can be found in her Miami set tour report.

The following actors will be making a guest appearance on "Killer Date:"

  • Natashia Williams as Kim Burton
  • Rick Peters as Robert Smith
  • Lisa Brenner as Gabrielle Marinelli
  • Sandra Prosper as Linda
  • Jason Hill as Mickey Shanigan
  • Rex Linn as Det. Frank Tripp
  • Rob Swanson as Officer Torino
  • Lindsey McKeon as Noelle
  • David Lee Smith as Rick Stetler
  • Leslie Odom, Jr. as Joseph Kayle
  • Jon Bernthal as Harry Klugman
  • Brian Poth as Tyler Jenson
  • Boti Bliss as Valera
  • Yvette Nipar as Lucy Raleigh
  • Max Martini as Bob Keaton
  • Al Vicente as Clint Roster
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Don Haffman
  • Andrea De Oliveira as Patti Welborn
  • Frank Alvarez as Randell Welborn
  • Shelli Bergh as Paula Muro
Rex Linn, David Lee Smith, Leslie Odom Jr., Brian Poth, Boti Bliss, Stephen Tobolowsky and Shelli Bergh all have more or less frequently recurring roles on CSI: Miami. As of this episode, they will be joined in the recurring cast club by Max Martini, who once before played Bob Keaton on the show, in last season's "Big Brother." Of the actors, three have made a previous appearance on one of the CSI shows. Rick Peters was Jerry Walden in the original show's "Scuba Doobie Doo," back in the second season; Lisa Brenner that same season played Kelsey Fram in "Bully For You," and Andrea De Oliveira appeared as a waitress in the original CSI's third-season premiere, "Revenge Is Best Served Cold."

On Wednesday, CBS will be repeating the CSI: New York episode "Til Death Do We Part," which originally aired on the 16th of February. In this episode, Mac and Danny investigate the deaths of a bride who collapsed moments before her wedding. Although the team is anxious to perform an autopsy on the bride, Dr. Hawkes is impeded by the victim’s father, who requests that the body be blessed by a rabbi first. Meanwhile, Stella, Aiden and Det. Flack discover the handless body of an ex-con at a Staten Island monastery that is rumored to be haunted by monks who were once murdered there.

A day later, at 9:00pm, CBS is scheduled to air the new CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode "Hollywood Brass." Here's the network's official synopsis:

Captain Brass travels to Los Angeles and requests the assistance of his former colleague, LAPD Captain Annie Kramer, when his estranged daughter Ellie calls for help after her friend turns up missing. When the woman is found dead, Brass turns to Warrick, who is in Los Angeles for a CSI convention, to help him and the LAPD track down the killer.

"Hollywood Brass" was directed by Bill Eagles, making this his third CSI episode after "Formalities" and "Nesting Dolls." The episode was written by CSI showrunner Carol Mendelsohn ("Viva Las Vegas," "Swap Meet," among others this season) and Sarah Goldfinger ("What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?," "Nesting Dolls").

As this episode focuses primarly only on Brass's story and doesn't seem to have any sub-plots, the list of guest stars is smaller than usual for CSI, and omits the many recurring characters that the show has featured this past season:

  • Nick Searcy as Sheriff Burdick
  • Teal Redmann as Ellie Brass
  • Lindsay Beamish as Dakota
  • Richard Gross as Officer Kirk
  • Donna Murphy as Annie Hutchings
  • John Wynn as David Kim
  • Matt Glave as Matt Glazer
  • Karina Logue as Dr. Supulveda
  • Molly McDowell as Teenage Girl
  • Johnny Sneed as Mark Piccone
  • Joel Polis as Judge Peters
  • Eric Allan Kramer as Vic Leonard
  • Michael Kenneth Williams as Ronnie
  • Don Dowe as Uniform
  • Brian Leckner as Earl

The biggest surprise in this list is that the role of Captain Brass' daughter has been recast. Ellie Rebecca Brass was featured once before on CSI, in the second-season episode "Ellie," where she was played by then–26-year old actress Nicki Lynn Aycox, but for some reason Ellie will now be portrayed by the Gilmore Girls' Teal Redmann, seven years younger than Aycox. Redmann previously appeared on CSI: Miami's "Murder In A Flash" as Sarah Mitchell.

Three of the other guest actors have a previous connection with the CSI franchise. Nick Searcy was Jack Seeger in the first-season Miami episode "Dispo Day," while earlier that season Richard Gross appeared twice on Miami, playing a gardener in both "Breathless" and "Slaughterhouse." Johnny Sneed appeared in one of the first episodes of CSI: New York, playing Aaron Moreland on "American Dreamers."

The original press releases from CBS can all be found at the Futon Critic.

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