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By Carolina
February 16, 2005 - 9:22 PM

  • According to Reuters, CSI: Miami's "Identity" was the ratings winner on Monday night, earning 19 million viewers, 6.8/17 of the share. NBC's Medium came in second, with 14.6 million viewers. A full ratings report will be posted by the end of the week.

  • The official Emily Procter website has received a make over. Fans are now able to download wallpapers and sign up for a mailing list. The site has also been updated with a Valentine's Day message from Emily to her fans.

  • If you missed Marg Helgenberger's appearance on Dr. Phil, you have the chance to download a video of it at the Marg Helgenberger Online Magazine.

  • Jorja Fox Online has been updated with the SAG backstage chat transcript and screen caps of "Unbearable".

  • CSI is coming to South Park. Or at least a parody of it is. Check out El Elemento Gogol to view the hilarious image.

  • CBS.com's section of CBS Cares has been updated with HIV PSA videos of various CSI stars.

  • Erica's CSI Caps has been updated with screen caps of "Nesting Dolls" and "Unbearable".

  • Adam Rodriguez will star in the new psychological thriller Keeper of the Past. To learn more about the project, visit the official website. Thanks to Elyse for this!

  • The American Society of Cinematographers has honored CSI's Nathan Hope with an Outstanding Achievement Award for his work in the episode "Down the Drain".

  • CSI's episode "Unbearable" has prompted an article on the Union Tribute about the heated debate that is high-fenced hunting, where an animal is sedated and released in an enclosed area to assure hunters' success. Thanks to Elyse for this!

  • Jonathan Togo admits he was a horrible science student during his schooldays. "Somewhere, my high school chemistry teacher is laughing." But thanks to his girlfriend, his transition into Miami has become easier. To read the full interview, visit the Boston Herald. Thanks to ThisIsMe for this!

  • Young people around the world may be more interested in becoming Criminalists after watching CSI, but teenagers in Seattle find real crime scene investigation is not at all like CSI. Still, some of them will wake up early on a weekend just to a forensics lecture.

  • The New York Post is in love with Greg Sanders. The newspaper recently put the character in a list of people, real and imagined, we couldn't live without.

  • Advertising demands creativity, but recently, the British network channel Five was criticized for getting too creative. The network sent 300,000 people letters that suggested they were being stalked, but turned out to be CSI: New York promotion ads. Read the full article at the BBC.

  • Vacationers who enjoy forensic science might be interested in taking a CSI cruise. This 10-day trip through the Mexican Riviera offers criminology classes taught by retired FBI agents and forensics science experts while in the comforts of the ship.

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