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New Use For DNA Discovered

By Deborah
December 15, 2006 - 4:39 AM

CSI uses advanced DNA techniques to solve murders. Now you can solve your own beauty killers with recent scientific discoveries.

The CSI shows are the most popular on the planet in part because people sleep better knowing science is working to keep them safe. We no longer have to rely on instinct-driven sleuthing. Similarly, we no longer have to rely on instinct to solve beauty mysteries.

Thanks to advances like the Human Genome Project, which identified and stored all 20,000-plus genes, and other scientific discoveries targeted for the skin, DNA-based products that target your cells are being used to fight beauty crimes.

The Q-Tip, the ultimate low-tech beauty tool, is finding newfound glory. We’ve seen it used to obtain DNA samples on CSI. Now you can get your cheek swabbed at Dermagenetic’s New Jersey lab. Dermagenetics will process the swab and concoct your own personalized, genetically guided moisturizer. “We test your skin-aging genes,” says John Souza, director of sales for Dermagenetics. “For example, the ones that indicate your collagen breakdown or wrinkling capacity. We’re all a mixture of advantaged and disadvantaged skin-aging genes called Single Polymorphisms or SNPs.” The lab selects active ingredients that are in optimal concentrations for that individual, based on unique advantages and disadvantages.

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